Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Attacking a Ragdoll, Taking Cat Photos and Ragdoll Weight Question

Post Published on December 28, 2017 | Last Updated on January 21, 2018 by Jenny

Our “Ask US Anything” is a series of posts on the site where I share the questions/concerns/ideas that readers have sent in and then the responses from our readers about those questions/concerns/ideas.

Ragdoll Attacking a Ragdoll


How to Take Great Cat Photos

Norette wrote in asking, “You always have incredible pics of all your families cats & of course of Charlie & Trigg! Some of mine re good & then there are the pics I didn’t take fast enough ! Ollie will sometimes look when I tell him to “look at Mama”, other times not happening – do you have any tips to share ?”

I replied:

Ha! My cats would never respond to “Look at mama”.

I use terms that perk them up that they know – “Do you wanna go outside?”, “Cheats”, “Are you ready?” – things I always say to them…

I also take A LOT of photos – since you can easily delete them, why not?

If you have an iphone you can do a “burst” that will take a lot of frames all at once.

Also, if you have someone helping you – you can use a wand toy to get his attention, looking in your direction while the other person takes the photo. Sounds like you might need 2 extra people – 1 taking the photo and another getting his attention with a wand toy.

Always make sure the light is behind the photographer and not the subject.

Hope that helps!

How would you reply to Norette’s inquiry?

Ragdoll Weight Question

Katrina wrote in, “I adopted a ragdoll who was retired by the breeder. He is a little smaller than what the average ragdoll should be. He is only 11.5lb. Will he gain more weight as he grows older or is this it? Thank you and happy holidays!”

And I replied:

Hi Katrina,

I am not sure – it will depend on his:

1. bone structure
2. his diet
3. his appetite
4. if he’s neutered

Probably a better question for your vet who will actually see and interact with the kitty.

At the end of the day, what matters is if he has a healthy body condition – that’s what you want – it’s not about the actual weight he is.


How would you reply to Katrina’s inquiry?

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2 thoughts on “Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Attacking a Ragdoll, Taking Cat Photos and Ragdoll Weight Question

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Lurve these posts A LOT, Jenny! Eager to see Floppycatters’ replies/advice/guidance, too!!! Lurve the advice and guidance you provided regarding the photo question and weight questions. I honestly can’t think of anything to add! Regarding the bullying question, well, I am clueless. When we’ve had multi-cats household in the past there was one kitty who did not like the addition of a third kitty but they always gave each other a wide berth…not many physical altercations…most just hissing and paw-swinging if the third kitty tried to get to close to the “territorial kitty.” 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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