Ask US Anything: Cat Peeing on Rug, Not Lap Cats, Instant Pot Cat Food

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Our “Ask US Anything” is a series of posts on the site where I share the questions/concerns/ideas that readers have sent in and then the responses from our readers about those questions/concerns/ideas.

Ragdoll Cat Peeing on Dining Table Rug

A reader wrote in saying, “My 5 yr old rescue Ragdoll has started a strange habit of peeing on the dinning table rug straight after using the litter box for poop. Its a shag rug with long hair and a rough texture so I’m not sure if he thinks its sand, he wipes his hands the exact same way he does after using the litter box. He picks a hidden corner near the wall and does it. He has been a champ at using the litterbox ever since we got him 2 months ago but has been doing this once or twice a day for the past week or so. The only change I can think of that might have triggered this is that we left on a 2 day vacation and he was left at home with a sitter coming to feed and check on him twice a day since he hates. Any advice on how to change this? His 2 litter boxes are always clean and he seems healthy otherwise. Also what carpet cleaning products would you recommend?”

I posted the question on Facebook, but also sent him a link to our cat peeing outside of the litterbox page – as there can be so many reasons why a kitty isn’t using the litterbox to pee. And it’s best to send the full list on that page and let the owner start the elimination process (pun intended =)).  I have embedded the Facebook post of his question below, so you can click on through and read the comments, if you’re interested.

Disappointed about Not Lap Cats

Rose wrote in, “We got 2 ragdolls a few months ago from a breeder. One is 2 years old, her kitten is 7 months old. They will not come to our laps, nor stay in our laps when we put them there. They like to be kissed and petted, and are very sweet but we are dissappointed. Is there anything we can do?”

I replied:

“Did the breeder tell you that the mom was a lap cat? In other words, where did the disappointment come from? Did you think you were getting a lap cat? I am not used to Ragdolls being lap cats, in general, but have also learned not to stereotype.

I am not sure what to tell you, as I do not like lap cats – so I have never forced my cats to do it. I can certainly pose the question to our community on Facebook.

Please let me know.

She wrote back, asking me to post on Facebook, and so I did:

Instant Pot Cat Food

Ronee wrote in,”After having really bad reactions to canned cat food with my two, even though they were fine in the past, and reacted to the roof at different times, I am wondering if any of your followers have come up with homemade cat food recipes? Specially now that the Instant pot is so hot. Still a little afraid of raw.”

I asked on Facebook for her:

What questions do you have? Enjoy reading common reader inquiries?  Check out more of our Ask US Anything here:

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13 thoughts on “Ask US Anything: Cat Peeing on Rug, Not Lap Cats, Instant Pot Cat Food

  1. Skyhag says:

    I have a question about litter. We have started using the 50% lighter weight Purina Tidy Cats litter. I love the light weight and it sifts really easily. Is it common to have litter and urine remain on my kitten’s behind? Is this due to the litter? I hate the idea of our kitties cleaning themselves of the litter clumped on them and who knows what they do while cleaning themselves! Any advice would be great!

    • Jenny says:

      Usually cats will grow out of getting it on their behind. But, I totally don’t trust that lightweight litter – what chemicals are in it – even if it doesn’t get stuck on their behinds, it’s in their paws, etc. from covering up their stuff.

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Pawesome post and fascinating questions/issues, Jenny!! Great responses from you and, as always, plmcat!! 🙂 <3

    I have no questions or advice guidance to offer on the peeing issue. I am fascinated by all the many uses the Instant Pot has! I never even thought to use it to prepare homemade cat food. I lurve my Instant Pot but haven 't used it in a while since I'm eating mostly raw salads nowadays. Anyway, I digress. I do have a bit of input about the lap cat topic….. 🙂

    I think lots of people think that because the typical Ragdoll purrsonality is so laid back and sweet that they will want to be in the owner's lap all the time. And, there's probably a ton of Ragdoll pics and blogs out there that talk about what great lap cats they are (for those specific Ragdolls being discussed). However, to assume all Ragdolls are lap cats does the breed a big disservice. I would LURVE it if Miss PSB would climb into my lap for a cuddle and snuggle each day and slept in our bed with us and stretched up on my legs (when I'm standing) to indicate she'd like me to pick her up, etc… But, that's NOT her purrsonality at all. She's super sweet and loving but in Her Own Way and On Her Own Time. She teaches us patience every single day. I will say this, though, at age 5 (now) she is much more affectionate with rubbing up against our legs and jumping into our recliners with us (to sleep between our legs when the footrest is pulled out) than ever before. For her, her affection grows the older she gets and I adore that about her. 🙂 <3 (One exception: She will jump up on my hubby's lap when he is sitting in his recliner, with the footrest down, and just hunker down and sit there for awhile each day but she doesn't do that with me. SUCH a Daddy's Girl!!! I think it's because I'm in and out of my chair so much doing other things, though…) 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

      • Patti Johnson says:

        No, darnit!!! I wish we did!!! No Trader Joes. No Whole Foods but we do have a Natural Grocers and a Sprouts. The Sprouts store is not too far from our apartment. I’ll have to see if I can find that salad dressing online somewhere!!! Sounds delish!!! 🙂 <3

        • Jenny says:

          Sprouts rocks – i used to go there a lot in albuquerque – but the ones in kc are farther away from me than natural grocers and whole foods, so i don’t go to them here. it is soo delish!

      • Patti Johnson says:

        This Sprouts is only a few years old and I have yet to go there. I walk by it every time I go out for a walk so I will definitely go check it out on my next walk! 🙂 <3

        • Jenny says:

          yes, you could walk in there and stay warm or know you have a warm break!! it is way cheaper than whole foods, but so is natural grocers. they also have a lot of great things – like chicken italian sausage.

      • Patti Johnson says:

        I was just thinking that I could take a warm break and walk around and browse on my next walk (which I hope will be Sunday!)! Mmmmm. Chicken Italian Sausage! Would lurve to find some good sausages that have great, wholesome ingredients (no GMOs, no HFCS or other sugars and no artificial ingredients or chemicals)! 🙂 <3

        • Jenny says:

          yes, sprout’s chicken italian sausage fits the bill then – it’s behind the meat counter – so a butcher has to give them to you – or at least that’s how it used to be.

  3. plmcat says:

    i have found that if a cat pees on anything, it’s going to do it again. i guess there is this new stain and odor removal stuff that is supposed to completely eliminate the smell but i haven’t tried it . it’s odorklenz. i have ended up throwing away whatever my cats peed on because i have never had luck with them no peeing on the same thing again. there was one thing that they didn’t pee on again and it was a a big, smooshy bed that could be washed in the machine . i put a cup of white vinegar in with it and they still haven’t peed again on that but everything else they did. i’d love to know why they pee on certain things. i think it’s a territorial thing in a lot of cases but i know sometimes they pee to try to tell you something.. like they are sick or maybe they like how certain things feel to scratch on.. geez you just never know with a cat. my front door has a gap between the frame and the door because it’s old and my cheap landlord won’t fix it but some neighborhood cats come by and can smell my cats through that gap and they pee on my door and then my cats smell that pee from the inside and pee on my door on the inside! i am constantly cleaning that space.. inside and out. i used to have a rug there but it always got peed on so not anymore.

    the “lap cat” thing continues to REALLY bother me. i’d say go get some therapy if you are that desperate to have something on your lap! animals are like people, they all have different personalities and thinking that a certain breed is going to be a certain way is ridiculous. it’s like saying all brits have the best manners! cats are aloof by nature and solitary by nature. some like to snuggle and sit on your lap, some don’t. i have a cat that hates to be picked up but when i go to bed, he is right there, as close as he can get to me purring and drooling. he will maybe once a month get on my lap and boy do i feel blessed. if i tried to put him on my lap and tried to hold him there, he’d be so pissed and probably scratch and bite me and then never get on my lap again. an animal feels our moods as well and if they feel desperation and frustration from you because you aren’t getting YOUR needs met then they are not going to want to be around you. humans are for a cats needs and wants, not the other way around. i’ve said it before.. if you need a animal that smothers you with love and attention whenever you want then a dog would be a better bet. or get a stuffed toy teddy bear. i always thought it was weird that ragdoll cats were even advertised as “lap cats”. that sets up the owner and the cat for disappointment. cats do whatever they want, doesn’t matter what breed they are. by definition.. cat means unpredictable and always mysterious . you get a cat because you love cats and all of their nuances not because you want it to satisfy a personal need you have. if you do that, you’re going to be disappointed.

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