Ask US Anything: Breeding Your Ragdoll Cat, Adopting a Feral Cat, Cat with a Limp

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Our “Ask US Anything” is a series of posts on the site where I share the questions/concerns/ideas that readers have sent in and then the responses from our readers about those questions/concerns/ideas.

Breeding Your Ragdoll Cat

A reader wrote in, “We have a girl rag doll that is seal point that is 16  months old we are looking to have her mate with another rag doll but on your site looking up breeders isn’t easy or someone who would want to mate with a cat that is outside their catery. can you offer some suggestions or possible people who could help me in my search. It’s hard finding the right thing on the google search engine and the breeders aren’t coming up in MN on your website either. Thanks.”

I replied:

“Did you buy breeding rights to her through the breeder?  If not, then the responsible thing to do is to spay her.
If you bought breeding rights, then the breeder you bought her from should be able to help you.”

Breeding cats or any animal is HUGE moral (and more) responsibility….even if you just want one litter of kittens – you’re opening it up for 6-8 more cats.  If you didn’t buy breeding rights with your cat, then the cat wasn’t sold by the breeder who genetically tested the cat, etc.  It is important for the health and longevity of the breed to only breed genetically healthy kitties.  Getting emails like the one above is one of the reasons I support breeders who early spay and neuter – I know some breeders don’t send papers to their kitten parents until they receive notice they have been spayed or neutered – but that doesn’t stop people from breeding them.  And they do – and then I get emails from people asking if it’s OK that they are considering adopting a kitten from a Ragdoll that is purebred but without papers.  It’s a nasty domino effect.  Please learn more about this topic here: The Importance of Early Age Spay and Neuter of Ragdoll Kittens

Adopting a 1-Year Old Ragdoll with a Resident Previously Feral Kitty

Ragdoll Kitty with a Limp

A reader wrote in, “I have a 2 year old male Ragdoll that has been very healthy and active. On October 27th I noticed a slight limp on his right hind leg. The next day is was very apparent that he was having a lot of difficulty walking and in pain. I took him to the Animal Hospital that day. Because Oliver was in so much pain the Vet was unable to examine without sedation. Under sedation they were able to pinpoint the pain was coming from his right hind femur. They took xrays also and found no broken bones or torn ligaments. The assessment by 3 doctors was they it must me a tear or tears in his muscle. They sent us home with 3 days worth of Onisor tablets to be given once a day. They told us to limit his activity. The evening of Oct 30th I came home and found Oliver barely able to walk and obviously in much pain. I took him back to the Animal Hospital. They sent us home with 3 days worth of Simbadol syrup and told us to confine him in a small area with nothing to jump on. We kept him in a 10×10 room with no furniture for 4 days. We spent as much time as we could in his room but we could tell he was getting very lonely. So we expanded his space to include the family area where we moved out the furniture as well. After 2 weeks of no improvement I have gone back to the Animal Hospital and they let me know that it could take 1-2 months to see improvement, if in fact it is a muscle tear like they suspect. They sent me home with another weeks worth of Simbadol and Onisor. I am wondering if anyone else has had a kitty with a muscle tear and what was done to treat the cat and help with the pain management. Thank you for any advice.”

I shared it on Facebook:

The owner updated me (love when this happens! I’m a big fan of follow- through!) 2 months later:
“Update on Oliver: Thank you for all the great advice. I had wanted to write earlier but his progress has been so slow that I was waiting for some great news to share. It has been 2 1/2 months since I first noticed the limp and although he is still limping a bit he does not to seem to be in pain and can walk up and down the stairs. I tried crating him for a week and it was very difficult because he whined quite a bit. I then took him to a holistic vet and she had us give him 1 HempRx Softchewz for cats each day and use the Assisi Loop for 15 minutes twice a day. She also said to not keep him confined but let him walk around the house. It has been 2 months using the Assisi Loop and giving him the chews and I think it has helped.”

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One thought on “Ask US Anything: Breeding Your Ragdoll Cat, Adopting a Feral Cat, Cat with a Limp

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Fascinating topics in this post, Jenny! I totally agree with your response on the breeding question. I really have no experience with feral cats (but will be interested to see if our Sweet Teresa has any advice as she has worked miracles with some of the ferals in her neighborhood) or injured kitties. Hoping and praying that poor, injured Oliver will be better soon! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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