Ask US Anything: Anal Gland Problems, Cat Grass and Feline Pemphigus Foliaceus Diagnosis

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Cat with Anal Gland Problems

Benefits of Eating Cat Grass

Jade wrote in, “I recently bought some indoor cat grass for our floppy’s as they were starting to attack our other plants. The grass has been a hit and I wondered if this was something I should have put in the house when they were younger (they are 1.5 years old). Do you have any information on cat grass, it’s benefits, or things to be aware of please? I wonder if others are in the same boat as me?” I replied: Hi Jade, I am sure there are articles about the benefits of grass. I know it has minerals in it – and helps with digestion. My cats eat the grass outside, so I don’t have any inside. The ones I have seen are usually grown in those gel packets or whatever, and I don’t like the idea of the cats getting that ingested. But I also have seen people that grow grass pads and bring them inside for their cats to sit on or whatever. I posted your inquiry on Facebook to see what others have to say:

Where are you sourcing your cat grass now? Thanks, Jenny Jade wrote back: “I have purchased the cat grass from our local garden centre, it was in the herb section for cats along with cat mint and cat nip (I bought some of that too).  I have attached a picture of the grass, it came in a soil base and I have just transferred it to a pot.  The boys have really had a good go at it and seem to head towards it after each meal.

I don’t tend to let them out in our current neighbourhood as there are a lot of dogs around and while they are fenced, they bark a lot which scares the boys.  That will change when we move later in the year.
Thanks for posting it to facebook – I am keen to hear of the responses and to see if there are other options etc.  The grass pad sounds like a good option too.
Have a great afternoon/evening!”

Ragdoll Kitten Diagnosed with Feline Pemphigus Foliaceus

A few readers responded to the Facebook post – sharing some pretty sad photos – but then submitted a Ragdoll of the Week story for that kitty in that photo – Dickens!

I also replied with the following: When I went to search for “feline pemphigus foliaceous”, I got “feline pemphigus foliaceus”. There appear to be 3 “scholarly articles” about it.

And then PetMD’s article and DVM360’s articles:

I wonder if it would improve on a raw food diet. What does she eat now? Seems like there are some forum responses here. Lots of hopeful responses here.

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  1. Hi Jenny, Phoebe has problems with her anal glands. I have them squeezed by the vet twice a year when she has her check ups. Apparently, you don’t see it very often in cats – mainly in dogs – according to the vet and it’s very interesting to see it done…should I mention the smell???? Oh dear, it isn’t nice. Also, the squeezing isn’t always effective. Sometimes she’s had it done and she will still continually butt-scoot.

    1. I know, I watched and held Tucker (my parents’ GSD) when his anal glands were expressed – geeesh!! The smell. Poor Phoebes…the anal gland issue has to do with the diets of dogs and cats now -they don’t have to process bone and muscle like they once did – things that would have naturally expressed the glands as they passed through them.

  2. Fascinating questions, Jenny! <3

    Poor Zelda! I didn't even KNOW cats had issues with their anal glands. Guess I've been pretty lucky with all the kitties I have had in my life. Now, I have had dogs with that issue and trips to the vet for getting the glands expressed. Yucky, but necessary. Hope someone has some good advice for Zelda's momma! <3

    Cat grass: I have heard of this before but never had any of my kitties eat grass that I have grown for them (all my kitties in my life have been strictly indoor kitties). Very interesting topic. 🙂 <3

    Feline Pemphigus Foliaceus: Wow. What a dreadful condition!! Poor kitties. Great reference material provided, Jenny!! Hoping and praying that 10-month-old Ragdoll kitty will be okay! I remember reading about Diane's precious kitty Dickens experience. So glad Dickens is doing so much better!! <3

    Wish I had some sagely experience and advice to offer but I don't but I am learning so much through these "Ask Us Anything" posts… 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. thanks, ms. patti! the cat grass thing can be fine – but i just like for it and soil to be organic – there are some cat grasses that are grown in gel – no bueno. “Feline Pemphigus Foliaceus” – yes, dreadful! but i loved this one because it connected two people who can hopefully help!!

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