Art-Casso Paint Kit for Cats Product Review

Post Published on October 9, 2012 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Kitty Casso Paint Kit for Cats Charlie and His Painting
Just call me, “Pablo….as in Picasso.”

When I first received an email from Art-Casso about testing out their paint kit for cats, I thought such an idea was ludicrous – all I imagined were the little white feet of Charlie and Trigg being stained with paint colors.  Not to mention the toxicity of them being exposed to paint.  However, I decided to watch the video on their website and found that it’s a no mess paint kits for cats.

The Art-Casso is the perfect way to obtain abstract art from cats – all you do is put dots of paint onto their canvas and have them walk, slide or run onto the canvas, which has a plastic sheet on top of it – so that your kitty’s paws don’t get messed up!  It is very easy to use and gets your creative juices flowing!

Why I like this product:

  • Gives you another opportunity to interact with your kitties
  • It’s fun to do – especially if you have kids, nieces, nephews or grand kids
  • You have a fun piece of art to display later on or have your child bring to school for show-and-tell
  • My cats’ paws stay clean and dry
  • I can see this as a fun family thing to do on a Saturday or Sunday – anyone at any age, would enjoy the challenge of getting a cat to paint.

I have to say that it was harder than I thought to get them to walk over or run onto the piece of paper to paint – the toy that comes included isn’t enough to get them enticed – so we used a Neko Flies wand toy and someone on YouTube recommended using a laser pointer.  I don’t have a laser pointer, but imagine that it would work well.  This where I think it would be fun for kids – I believe kids would enjoy the challenge of enticing the kitty to walk on the paper.

This is just a fun product that would be a great cat gift for a cat lover friend.

Here is our arrival video:

And here is the final review video where Charlie and Trigg create their masterpiece:

The Art-Casso Paint Kit for Cats sells for $19.99.  You can buy it on Art-Casso’s website -you can take advantage of free shipping in the USA when you buy 2 or more.

Thank you to Art-Casso for sending us their Paint Kit for Cats to test out.

Please consider liking Art-Casso on Facebook page.

I received the products to test, but received no paid compensation.  My opinions are 100% my own.

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9 thoughts on “Art-Casso Paint Kit for Cats Product Review

  1. Kate says:

    I actually found a similar ipad game called Paint for Cats. Only one of mine will play with it, but it’s pretty darn cute. Plus it’s kind of funny to hear my DH complaining about a “$600 cat toy”. (No, the claws don’t scratch it, either.)

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Kate, I think my Aunt has that app. I don’t have an iPad – otherwise I would check it out! Thanks for sharing! I think there are also videos on YouTube of cats playing with Paint for Cats.

  2. Joan Frost (Nicky's Mom) says:

    Actually that sounds like a great idea Rebecca. Whenever I sprinkle catnip down, our kitties go crazy rolling around in it. What a great masterpiece that could be! 😀

  3. Pamela Sage says:

    Perhaps you could try catnip scent to attract the cats to the canvas itself. Our local zoo includes animal painting among its enrichment activities, then sells the results with pictures of the articles at zoo festivals. They don’t use plastic, just water-based paints that will wash away easily afterward (but of course they’re doing it in outside habitats). They use attractant scents such as pheromones to draw the animals to the canvas and get them to rub themselves on it. I have a really cool canvas done by a cougar that would be at home in any museum of modern art.

    I just may try this kit out, but I might have to stretch out a couple of kits, as I have 7 cats.

    • Jenny says:

      Love it! Thanks for the suggestions – if you get a kit to try out, please let me know if you try this approach and how it goes!

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