ArcaNatura Environmentally Sustainable Veterinary Products for Cats plus Exclusive FloppyCats Interview with CEO Veterinan Dr. Serge Martinod of ArcaNatura

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Arcanatura ArcaNatura (pronounced ARCA-NUH-CHURA) was founded by 3 veterinarians.

They focus on natural solutions for cats, rather than products that contain chemical active ingredients.

They are environmentally sustainable because from production to shipping, they use 100% renewable and sustainable ingredients.

ArcaNatura says, “With herbal veterinary medicine, the quality of the

Charlie with Arcanatura products
Charlie with Arcanatura products

plant extract is critical, so during each step of growing, collecting, extracting and preserving,
we meticulously guarantee the safety and efficacy of our ingredients. We believe
it’s best to treat the root, not the symptom. By tapping into the inexhaustible
source of natural solutions found in nature, ArcaNatura brings you our very own
line of Naturaceuticals to soothe your pet’s allergies and ailments.”

Arcanatura sent us two of their products to check out:

While, I cannot do a product review on these, I wanted to feature them because they are really neat products.  The reason I cannot do a product review is because my cats and none of the animals I know have ticks.  Also, the Omega-3 supplement, for a proper review should be tested medically in the cat, in my opinion.  So I am, rather, doing a product feature.

More Like This

Resolution Omega 3 DHA Supplement
Resolution Omega 3 DHA Supplement

Tick’d off is a simple two part kit.  You first kill the tick using the spray, which consists of clinically tested essential oils and then once the tick is dead,  you use the tick key to safely remove the tick from the skin.

The ArcaNatura Resolution-3 Omega-3 DHA Supplement comes from microalgae, not from fish oil, making it safer for cats and better for the environment.  DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is important for the control of inflammation and in brain development and function. A DHA supplement is recommended for:

  • cats with allergic dermatitis
  • cats with otitis
  • cats with arthritis
  • pregnant cats
  • lactating cats
  • kittens after weaning
  • older cats to prevent cognitive dysfunction, arthritis, kidney and heart disease

You can buy the these supplements online:

Here’s more about them in the video feature we did:

Please note that Arcanatura only ships within the continental USA.

I asked for an interview with one of ArcaNatura’s vets to learn more about their products, please see it below.

FloppyCats Interview with CEO Veterinan Dr. Serge Martinod of ArcaNatura

1.    What is the meaning behind your company name, ArcaNatura?

Arcanatura means “Life Secret” in Latin. Our company name is related to our natural approach on pet health care. The “secret” to a health life for your dog, cat or horse lies in the natural treatment of the root of their problem.

2.    How did the idea for ArcaNatura come about?

The seeds of ARCANATURA were actually planted more than 30 years ago when the two founders attended veterinary school together.  But the project ARCANATURA was initiated at the end of 2006 by those two veterinarians now accumulating more than 50 years of international experience in all areas of Animal Health including research and development, sales and marketing, strategic planning and clinical practice.  The initial challenge was ambitious:  Was it possible to develop and market natural products with efficacy and safety profiles superior to chemically-derived pharmaceuticals while promoting environmental protection and sustainable development? and it is simply not acceptable that the dogs and the cats, now considered members of the family, bring dangerous pesticides in the house in direct contact with the owners every day.

The rich biodiversity of Colombia associated with “state-of-the-art” green technologies provided the answers and after two years, having generated facts and data supporting the initial concept, the founders   launched the first products  in France at the end of 2008.

After successfully selling their holistic products to veterinarians in France, Arcanatura branched out to the U.S. where we sell exclusively and directly to customers online through our website’s store and Amazon.

3.    What made you want to first launch the products you’re launching?

We have a lineup of products set for release. The order of the first launches depended on the logistics of bringing new products into the country, as well as the season (our Tick’d-Off product was launched in the height of tick season). Omega-3 DHA was launched shortly after as we believe it is a very important and unique  product for the well being  our dogs and cats either young and senior while being safe and eco-friendly.

4.    What other products do you have in the pipe line?

Our upcoming products include Skunk’d-911, a natural de-skunk kit, Resolution-3, a three-step shampoo and food supplement detox kit to heal itchy dogs, and a topical ointment to resolve Equine Scratches. All of our products are 100% natural and contain soothing essential oils and plant extracts.

5.    What makes your products better than others?

In addition to being 100% natural and organic, all of our products are tested and clinically proven through veterinary science. Many products on the market claim to be “natural,” yet contain synthetic ingredients or unnatural fragrances. The ingredients for our products are hand-picked for their efficacy in treating the root of the problem your pet is facing, not just the symptoms.

6.    How can we be sure that these are safe for our cats?  Sometimes products made for dogs aren’t OK for cats.

All of our products are clinically tested (voluntarily – we do not do any research on laboratory animals) on dogs, cats and horses, appropriate to the targeted animal for each product. Our customers can be assured that Arcanatura’s products for cats have been tested and are proven to work, safely, effectively and naturally for their pet.

7.    Are your products organic?

Yes, all of the active ingredients in our products are organic.

8.    How can we find out more about your products and upcoming product launches?

The best way to keep up to date with our newest products and latest company news is to follow us on or to become a fan at You can also visit our website at


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