Announcing the Floppycats 2012 Holiday Cat Gift Guide

Floppycats Holiday Gift Guide 2012In an effort to revisit beloved products that we’ve reviewed and to create a much needed Holiday Cat Gift Guide, we have put together a downloadable Floppycats 2012 Holiday Cat Gift Guide.

The Floppycats 2012 Holiday Cat Gift Guide is broken into the following categories:

Cat Toys and Games
Cat Treats
Cat Beds
Trees, Perches, Towers
Cat Scratchers Sisal and Cardboard
Cat Feeding Dishes & Drinking Fountains
Cat Lovers Gifts
Cat Stocking Stuffers

There is also a photo of each product as well as a YouTube video link and a link to our review, so that you can read more or see more about it before you decide whether or not to purchase it.

Download Floppycats 2012 Holiday Cat Gift Guide

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3 thoughts on “Announcing the Floppycats 2012 Holiday Cat Gift Guide

  1. Lisa says:

    So glad you added a gift guide Jenny,Iwas just thinking what am Igoing too get boys for Xmas.For cats sometimes you need to look online,the pet stores not always a big selection on fun playthings.The best toy we got our almost2year old Ragdoll Murphy,is Ceasar,our5month old baby Ragdoll.Even know I did everything I could to make Murphy happy,I now realize a cat needs at least one other cat,now hes never alone when were working or out doing errands.I havent traveld in two years huh huh.Im not sure if I spelled traveld right.I just turned fifty and my spelling used to be perfect.oh well.THANKS AGAIN JENNY.THIS IS A GREAT WEBSITE

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Lisa – this one is from last year – so thanks for the reminder that I need to do one for this year!

      Love that Ceasar is the best thing that has happened to Murphy. That’s certainly not always the case.

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