Animal Communication With Trigg Through Pet Talker Colleen Gordon

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Trigg, a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Cat

There were many animal communicators that were willing to do “product reviews” to show how their animal communication worked.  Colleen Gordon was the pet talker that talked to Trigg.

Here are the questions that I sent to Colleen to ask Trigg:

How did he get the scab on his front paw?
Does he have a message for me?
How come he growls and hisses when he is eating and Charlie approaches him?  Is there a way to make him more comfortable?
Why does he dislike my parents’ German Shepherd Napa?
Why does he batt my mom’s cats when he goes over to their house to visit?
Does he have a message for
Does he know he is one of two official product testers for
How is his health?  Is he doing fine?
What are some of his favorite things or what makes him happy?
What are some of his least favorite things and things that make him unhappy?

Here is Colleen’s response to her talk with Trigg:


Well, Trigg is one very interesting character!  You have quite a rascal on your hands there.  He is a very self-confident spirit – likes very much being alone – he enjoys his own company.  He has a very regal stance, when he walks it is more like a strut.  he likes surveying his kingdom.  He knows he is descended from regal cats of royal origin far back in Abyssinia and Persia. He knows he has lived other lives in the past, and not always as a cat.  He possesses knowledge of the big world outside, far beyond what people usually give him credit for understanding.

He can be quite comical but does not appreciate being laughed at.  He can be quite the Diva.  Sometimes he give you a look like “please!  you want me to do what??” “Give me a break, I don’t think so!”  He is still a ragdoll, so at times he can be very laid back, but overall, he is not as laid back as his dad.


He loves attention, but always on his own terms.  He likes being left alone if he is in the mood to be alone.  Adoration makes him happy.  Red carpets and papparazzi for Trigg!  He likes people better than other pets.  He has always felt a special intuitive connection with you.  He says you have always known how special he is.
Trigg says he was chewing an itch and that is how he got the scab on his front paw.  His message to you is “aren’t I a nice cat for allowing you to live with me?”  He growls and hisses at Charlie because he really likes to dine alone and does not like to be bothered.  He dislikes Napa; not happy with dogs in general, considers them goofy and rather stupid, and very much beneath him!  He bats your mom’s cats because he says “I am royalty, and they don’t deserve to touch the ground upon which I tread”.


His message for Floppycats is that he wants his own blog – “and by the way, put me on Facebook!”  Trigg says “I don’t like sharing the limelight”.  He knows he is one of the product testers but he feels he is number one.
So far his health is very good; he says he feels fantastic; very peppy. 
It took a bit of coaxing for him to share anything with me.  He realized that I was  going to keep asking, so he finally said

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“OK fine!”  At times during our conversation, he had me in stitches!  What a little character he is.

Colleen Gordon can be reached through her website:  or via phone at 407-446-4315. Colleen is located in Winter Park, FL.


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