Animal Communication With Charlie Through Pet Talker Catherine Ferguson

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Pet Talker, Catherine Ferguson, was kind enough to take time to talk to Charlie – so that you could get an idea of her services.

Here are the questions I asked of Charlie Man:

He often seems bored.  Is he?  What can I do to alleviate his boredom?  I do need a happy medium though because I work from home and need to be able to work.
What does he like as far as food is concerned?  He is obsessed with dry food and I’d like to get him off of it.


Does he have a message for me?

Does he have a message for

Does he know he is one of two official product testers for

How is his health?  Is he doing fine?

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What are some of his favorite things or what makes him happy?

What are some of his least favorite things and things that make him unhappy?

And here is what animal communicator, Catherine, reported back:


Having you work from home is great for Charlie, even if he doesn’t fully realize the type of life most of his brethren lead with their human parents being away from home two thirds of each day. He loves having you around, but feels you are constantly preoccupied. His message is that you need to relax more. You can accomplish this—and satisfy him—by taking mini-breaks. Take a coffee break by sitting on a comfortable chair and sipping your beverage in a leisurely fashion rather than having the coffee mug by your side as you work at the computer.


Charlie would like more interaction with you. You can go a long way to satisfying this need/desire by talking to him when you’re taking your beverage break. Acknowledge his presence when you head for the bathroom, go to pick up the mail, etc. Tell him he looks cute staring out the window. Point out an abandoned toy he might want to play with. Or just say hi if you have no great thoughts to share. The point is to make contact multiple times during the day.

Charlie considers himself to be your muse. This is his most important job description.

He is unhappy when he is afraid someone will step on his feet. This risk occurs when someone is moving erratically from place to place. If you find yourself in a semi-frantic state, such as when wrapping gifts for the holidays, you can forewarn Charlie to find an elevated spot for the duration.

His message to you: “You’re a sweetheart.”


Catherine Ferguson can be reached through her website:  or via phone at 866-602-4154 or 201-433-7955. Catherine Ferguson is located in New Jersey.

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