**ADOPTED** Angelkissed Ragdolls Ragdoll Kitten Available – Patty Cake

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Ragdoll Kitten**ADOPTED**

Here is an example of personality PLUS! We nicknamed him patty cake because he would lay on his back and paw the motions.. His mother did not produce kittens for us at first and we were concerned.But now she is taken hold and produced gorgeous kittys and is a fantastic mom…He likes to tap on my leg when he wants me to pet him He continues to amaze us…These are SMART kittens!!

Name of Kitten: Patty Cake
Date of Birth: Sep 30th 2011
Color Pattern: seal mitted
Sex: Male
Parents: Ragmeister Winnie of angelkissed
Price: 600.00
Date: thanksgiving
Breeder Name: Angelkissed ragdolls
Breeder Website: www.angelkissedragdolls.com
Breeder Location: burnsville,MN
Breeder Phone: 952-898-4432
Breeder E-mail: gaillee5@yahoo.com

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