Andy’s Tents

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Andy is a young raggie – maybe a year and a half old now. He found me when he was about 6 lbs. and convinced me to take him home. I have two 12 year old tabby brothers. Andy does not fit in their condo or their beds (though he does try) so I make tents and cubbies for him to play and hide in from strategically placed pillows, chairs, boxes, bags and sheets. He loves hiding and sleeping in these and his purring gets louder while he watches me finish a project. Once he settles in, one of his adoptive brothers ultimately jumps on him from the outside. Andy just lays there, either stuck in the collapsed construction or enjoying the tighter fit, I can’t tell. He is so much larger than the two old guys and yet he seems to be the butt of all their jokes! I don’t think he cares though – he seems happy to just be accepted (mostly).

Kitty’s Name: Andy
Name: Betty
Where: Brooklyn, NY

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