An Extraordinary Ragdoll Kitten Story


My name is Janet Muse.  I have a small home cattery, TempleDolls, in Castle Rock, CO.

I am a mother of three children.  And I attend the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Sch tool of Social Work.  My concentration is a clinical/families focus, with an added certificate in interpersonal trauma studies.  I fully support and advocate for the therapeutic roles that animals play in the lives of their humans.  I breed Ragdolls to bring joy to people’s lives:  to provide a source of therapy and comfort in the home.

While on facebook over a month ago, I was touched by the life of a little girl named Kyra Root.  She is eight years old and has been diagnosed with terminal osteosarcoma.  While her parents, loved ones, and prayer group continue to hope and pray for a miracle, the medical team does not seem hopeful for her recovery.  She has been fighting a tremendous battle.

I wanted to reach out to Kyra and offer her a Ragdoll kitten.  I thought to myself, “What more could a little girl want then a snuggly purrrrfect ragdoll baby?”  I emailed her mother and offered to give her a kitten, and to fly him out to Missouri myself to bring it to her.  Her mother responded with excitement and told me that Kyra is just “over the moon with excitement.”  I told her she could go to my website and choose any available kitten on my page.  She chose one of my little seal mitted boys, Apollo.


I was fully prepared to fund my offer completely, but when news of my donation spread through friends and family, several people stepped up to help me make this wish come true for Kyra.  Antionette is donating airline miles to pay for the flight.  Wendy donated $300 to help cover Apollo’s costs.  Emily Hoard, DVM donated his well-check/shots/deworming/fecal screen as well as his travel certificate.  My mother helped set up a donations website and we have collectively raised over $2000 for this family who has lost their home during Kyra’s battle with cancer.

Kyra’s mom has told me that Apollo is the only thing she is looking forward to.  The entire family is anxiously awaiting his arrival.  I have skyped with Kyra and her family a few times, and we hold Apollo up for her in the camera.

Kyra does things like drawing pictures of herself as an angel, and she asks questions like, “can I die at home instead of in the hospital?”  This family has been through hell… mom, dad, 9 year old brother gabe, and especially Kyra.

This little Ragdoll kitten has no idea that he was born to be her angel.  My flight is being booked for next weekend to fly from Colorado to Missouri.  I cannot wait to deliver their bundle of joy!!

For more information about Kyra, please visit her Facebook page.

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16 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Ragdoll Kitten Story

  1. Abbie Shannon says:

    Should have been a warning somewhere that this would be a heart wrecking story </3 I wasn't ready for tears!

    Thank you for your kindness.

  2. Sue says:

    My heart goes out to Kyra and her family for all they have been through. Janet and her family are to be commended for their efforts in bringing some joy into that family by bringing Kyra and Apollo together. Best wishes for all!

  3. Joyce Loew says:

    This family could still use financial help. If anyone is in the position to help one American family in any way, please pay your blessings forward here:
    Janet Muse is my daughter. I am so proud of her….and her two sisters with equally giving hearts. I am one proud mama. Apollo willl be in his new home next Saturday!!! 🙂 Kyra and the Root family’s story has touched the hearts of so many around the world. Karon Root, Kyra’s mom is thrilled beyond belief that they finally found a suitable home, a school for her children to attend and a kitchen to prepare meals for her family. She has not had this since Jan 2011!!! Through living the hell of cancer and watching their baby daughter suffer, they have lost home and job….and even Medicaid!!!
    I hope we can post pictures here of Apollo and his new family! ;

  4. Krista Jenkins says:

    My name is Krista Jenkins and I am Kyra’s aunt. Her mom is my sister. Thank you so much for what to are doing for my amazing niece. Her spirit is an inspiration to our whole family. She is a beautiful little girl who deserves all the happiness we can possibly give her and Apollo brings her such joy. Thank you again!

  5. janet muse says:

    Thank you everybody for the kind and supporting words. I am deeply humbled by the courage and perserverence of the Root family. All I have is something to offer to bring joy, THEY are the truest angels. I hope this will inspire others to perform random acts of kindness in their lives… or just to be kind to one another. You never know what someone is coping with. God bless the angels of light who combat darkness everyday. <3

  6. Teresa says:

    Thank you for also being an angel with your generosity to help this little girl enjoy her days to the fullest. Know that Apollo will bring her peace and much happiness and will also enrich all the family’s life while lessening some of the stress. God bless you for all you are doing and please tell Kyra that there are a lot of kitty lovers in this Ragdoll community who will be praying for her.

  7. Betty says:

    Janet – Your act of reaching out to a stranger in such a kind, thoughtful and generous way is awe inspiring. Apollo may be a little cherub, born to be comfort and joy for little Kyra, but you are the angel delivering it. Thank you for sharing this story. God be with you on your trip to see Kyra and her family. And good luck in your grad work – clearly it is a vocation for you; you will continue to make a difference. xo

  8. Wendy says:

    Thank you, Janet, for being such a lovely generous person. Apollo is very aptly named as he is sure to bring light and love into Kyra’s life!

  9. GourmetPens says:

    WOW. This is AWESOME. It truly touches my heart to see a breeder with the capacity to do such greatness actually fulfill that. Bless you Janet, as well as your friends and family, for being such wonderful, thoughtful, and generous people. I have no doubt Apollo will be cherished in his new home. What an amazing gesture.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful story – many blessing to you and those who are helping this family and hope that in the coming years Apollo can bring joy to the saddness

  11. Keala says:

    I am in tears…What an extraordinary story! I am touched by people’s generosity and passion for life. I hope the travel goes smooth and I am Kyra’s life will be lightened up by little Apollo!

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