An Extraordinary Ragdoll Kitten Story – UPDATE!


Hello Ragdoll Fanciers!!

I wanted to give everybody an update — as several of those who commented on “An Extraordinary Ragdoll Kitten Story” had asked to be updated on his delivery.

So little Apollo and I boarded the flight from Denver, Colorado to St. Louis, Missouri.  He was a total hit in the airport.  I got more smiles carrying him than I ever have when carrying a

Apollo on the plane
Apollo on the plane

human baby.  The person sitting next to me on the plane… and the person behind me also got some ragdoll cuddle time in during the flight.  He was the perfect travel partner… which I take as a small success in the hard work I put into socializing my babies (I travel with them often to get them used to the car and the carrier).

He took a nice, long, floppy nap on the plane ride too.  He’s pictured here snoozing on my lap in the plane.

Kyra holding Apollo in St. Louis Airport
Kyra holding Apollo in St. Louis Airport

Once we landed, the cutest little girl in her wheelchair was waiting for me with a sign that said, “Janet and Apollo!”  It was love at first sight for the both of them.  She brought her hello kitty purse with her… he fit right in it, and had a nap in it on the way to his new home.

Once home, Apollo was shown his new house.  All his new toys, litter box, food… family and dog… everybody was thrilled.

That evening Kyra stayed home with her brother, Gabe, and her dad while they got Apollo used to his new digs.  Karon (Kyra’s mom) and I were able to go enjoy some girl time at the lovely hotel restaurant.  I used some of the money that was donated to this cause and we had a most lovely meal… compliments to the Kyra and St. Louis 044chef!!  We started with a cocktail, and Karon ordered the blu-cheese crusted filet mignon, and I had the sweet and spicy salmon.  Delish!!  I was thrilled to become friends with Karon… and even more thrilled that she got to take some time away from the stress of unpacking the boxes in the new place they just moved in to.  She’s got soooooooo much on her plate right now — and we got to escape to a chic st. louis restaurant and dine…and laugh.

On the second day of the visit the Root family and I toured the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.  It was a beautiful day, and Kyra finally got to ride the elevator to the top of the arch as she had been wanting to do for so long.

Karon has described Apollo as “a barrel of laughs!”  The family is enjoying him, and he has been a tremendous source of comfort for Kyra… especially when she’s in pain and not feeling well.

Again, I would like to thank all of the the people who were so gracious to make this a dream come true for the Root family.

Janet and Kyra
Janet and Kyra

To my children — Jason, Easton, and Brayden — who are always involved every step of the way in raising our amazing ragdoll kittens:  you boys make it possible for our kittens to go to their new families as confident, playful, and loving family members… there’s not a household noise to throw off one of our babies!

To Antoinette Lagerwij who donated her airline miles and landed a roundtrip ticket for me and Apollo.

To United Airlines for waiving the pet traveling fee and allowing Apollo to ride in the cabin with me.

Kyra and St. Louis To Wendy Bainbridge for donating some cash to help me meet the costs of the kitten — and also buy a fabulous dinner out for me and Karon… and tickets for the kiddos to go up to the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis!

To Joyce Loew for setting up the donation site to help the Root family meet the expenses of moving into their own place.  They’ve been without their own place for over a year, and this had been a tremendous help.

Apollo with Kyra
Apollo with Kyra

To my friends who donated money to the donation site.

To my vet, Emily Hoard, DVM who donated his well-check/shots/de-worming/fecal check… and who also paid out of pocket for his travel certificate.

To for donating the ebook on bringing home your Ragdoll Kitten.

This has been such a phenomenal and enjoyable journey.  The Root family has been facing one crisis after another.  They are still TOGETHER, and so full of faith.


I am honored to have met them, and to have made new friends.  And I am also so thrilled to have some faith in humanity restored after seeing how the kindness of strangers can make dreams come true.

Thank you to the Root family for opening your story to us, and inspiring us through your faith and courage.  It is my sincerest hope that your ragbaby will bring simple joy to your days — throughout his lifetime.

For more info on Kyra’s story, her facebook page.

Also, the two pics of Apollo alone were taken in his new home, by Karon Root… who happens to be a professional photographer.

Thank you everybody for your interest in this story of giving.  The pleasure, really, was all mine.

Stay well,

Janet Muse
Temple Dolls Ragdoll Cats of Colorado

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4 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Ragdoll Kitten Story – UPDATE!

  1. Carol Kraft says:

    How amazingly generous Ragdoll cat fanciers are! What a wonderful and heartwarming story this is, with many examples of selfless generosity.

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