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Amos longing be outside
Amos longing be outside

My boy, Amos Moses, will be two November 22nd. Amos quickly took control of the house and has not relinquished his realm since his arrival. He is quite independent but always in the room with me. I got Amos from Bentley’s Rags, south of Jackson, Mississippi. Miss Dot was the best and Amos continues to be a southern boy in Northeast Louisiana. Naming Amos was probably the hardest part of the whole process. I wanted a name that was different but had ties to Louisiana. I went through the entire LSU football team as well as the New Orleans Saints. I finally decided on Amos Moses from the Jerry Reed song back in the 70’s. Looking at Amos now I might should have considered Fats Domino as an option.

Like most Ragdolls, Amos captured my heart immediately and I can’t imagine a day without him. He is a novelty of sorts in our small town as he wears a cat jacket, sometimes a Saints jersey, walks with a lead and loves to ride in the car. We tried the snap on harness but I fumbled too much with it. We love the Mynwood Cat Jacket because it is easy to put on, he is secure, and this makes me relax. The jackets are made to the cat’s measurements and breed. Amos draws lots of attention at the pet store and the vet’s office with his jacket and leash as he follows me around, lies next to me on the bench, or on the floor next to my feet. He watches all the dogs act like, well, like dogs. People are shocked and say “”there’s something you don’t see everyday” when they realize it is a cat on a leash not in a carrier and amazed he doesn’t get upset or hiss at the dogs. He just watches and sniffs their nose when they come check him out.

Amos and I play chase and hide n seek around the house. When he finds me I clap my hands and he jumps into my arms. I read that Ragdolls can become depressed if left alone and worried Amos was lonely or board while I am gone 10 hours a day. Last September, I adopted a rescue kitten for Amos to keep him company while I am away from home. They became fast friends and best pals. Hot Rod has been a wonderful companion for Amos and great addition to our family.

Amos riding in the car
Amos riding in the car

You can tell by his pictures, if Amos is not outside, he is wanting to be outside. I feed the birds near the front porch so he and Hot Rod can watch the birds and squirrels. Amos prefers the window to be open a little so he can stick his nose to the screen and look outside. They have a cat friend, Andy Rooney, that will come by for a visit from time to time. He will spend hours looking out the window, during breaks from his naps, and gurgle at the birds or watch the neighborhood dogs come through. I pick saying he should have been born an alley cat. He only goes outside on his leash or hangs out in his tent. We spend hours sitting outside on the front porch or running around the yard with me in tow. He recently ran up a tree for the first time ever. Think it surprised both of us.

Amos has a picky stomach and it doesn’t take much to upset it. The only “people” food he will eat is a couple of bran flakes when I eat cereal. About five months ago I read about the benefits of canned organic pumpkin. They love it twice a day and it keeps the digestive system in top working order.

While Amos usually “loves” on his terms, he is extremely patient and gentle with young children. He is very curious and will lie next to them, allow them to pet and love on him. He lets me know when it is time to go to bed, he wakes me every morning, no need for alarm clocks here, and greets me at the door every afternoon. He is a wonderful companion.

I have made some good Ragdoll friends on this website and learned an awful lot reading the forums. Every Ragdoll I have ever seen has been a gorgeous furbaby and every cat has owned their family. Ragdolls are truly exceptional creatures and I count my lucky stars I have the good fortune to be owned by one.

Amos at his happiest outside
Amos at his happiest, outside!
Hanging out in his tent
Hanging out in his tent
Wanting to be outside
Wanting to be outside
Still wanting to be outside
Still wanting to be outside
Made it!
Made it!
Loving it!
Loving it!
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  1. Loved your story,and Amos Moses,is just too cute!
    Lisa ,Murphy Bo Dee and Ceasar.

  2. Loves Andy says:

    Amos Moses is a beauty! I recognize the intense look of wanting to be outside. Does Hot Rod get to go out too? I love the names of all the cats. Thanks for sharing your story – it is so familiar to me 😉

    1. Thanks! Hot Rod was a rescue kitten and I think he had enough of outside at a young age. He wants no part of it. Amos of course is the diva and wants to live outside.

      1. Loves Andy says:

        It is so funny how these cats that look like princes & princesses have this…hobo desire to be outside! My Andy is a hobo at heart too. I do wish that his best friend, petite Lily, felt the same as Hot Rod. I have 2 of them searching for escape routes and crying at the doors!

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    What a wonderful story of just a precious Amos Moses! Just love that he walks on the leash with the harness on. That’s how I take my girls outside as well so they will always be safe. Love that you got him a little friend to keep him company while you are gone. Isn’t the hide and seek fun! Gracie is just learning how to do that now. Love that he jumps into your arms – how amazing. Thank you for sharing his wonderful story with us. ♥♥♥

    1. Thank you for reading his little story. They are all little gems!

  4. Amos Moses is adorable – what a charming gentleman! Thanks for showing us his beautiful pictures and sharing his story 🙂

    1. Thank you! Gentleman is a stretch but we will take it! 😉

  5. Patricia McDermott says:

    amos moses is just so handsome and i remember that song.. i loved it. it fits him well from the story you have told about him. he sounds like a wonderful and fun cat. thanks for sharing your story. his jacket is so cute!

    1. Thank you! We love the ease of putting these jackets on.

  6. floppycats-reader says:

    Amos is cute!!!

    Thanks for sharing the story of Amos!

    1. Thank you! He is a character!

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