Best Seller Lists for Cat Products

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I love looking around Amazon, no matter what I am searching for – whether it be cat products or electronics for my home.  I just found out that you can search for Best Seller Lists for Cat Products on Amazon.  And then I noticed that they break down the best seller lists into further categories:

I thought about listing out the top 10 of each category, but Amazon actually updates this information every hour – so it is constantly changing!

If you were to pretend your household was – what would be on your best seller  list?  Are you interested in any of the items that are on Best Seller Lists for Cat Products?  Some of my favorites certainly aren’t on the best seller list…

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  1. Interesting to see what the best sellers are! Some of my faves aren’t on the list either. I see Fancy Feast is most popular food– certainly not the best, imo. In addition to Whole Life treats, I get Stella & Chewy’s ‘Carnivore Crunch.’ It is marketed as for dogs yet it is just freeze dried meat like the Whole Life treats. My kitties love them! Thanks for posting.

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