AlphaPooch™ Siesta Cat Bowl Product Review

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Trigg in the Siesta Cat Bowl
Trigg in the Siesta Cat Bowl

AlphaPooch™ Siesta Cat Bowl Review

Original review was published on Nov 30, 2010

May 27, 2014 Update! After almost 4 years, this Alphapurr Siesta Cat Bowl Cat Bed is still going strong.  I have put it through the washing machine and on the “air dry” cycle in the dryer countless times.  The cats still love it and get in it every day.  As I type this, Charlie is snoozing away in it.  I like it too because it’s a great catch all for all their catnip toys.  When I am vacuuming, I just toss them into this bed, and then the cats can fish them out again if they’d like.  Charlie will still knead on it, so the cushiony aspect has remained as well.  All in all a great round cat bed.

AlphaPooch™ is a newer company and their product line was inspired by Unreal Lambskin™, which the Siesta Cat Bowl is made out of.  So, I contacted them and asked if they’d be willing to send us a Siesta Cat Bowl to review – they were very excited to do so!

So, when we first got it, both cats were immediately interested and Charlie liked it for how cushiony it was – he immediately got in it and started kneading, which is what Charlie man loves to do on big comfy beds.

However, Trigg has now claimed it as his.  He is gets in it every night – after I have gone to bed and then sleeps in it during the day.

Charlie in the Alpha Pooch Siesta Bowl Bed
Charlie in the Alpha Pooch Siesta Bowl Bed

The Siesta Cat Bowl comes in three lovely colors:

Why I like the Siesta Cat Bowl from AlphaPooch™:

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  • It’s comfy – wish they made it in my size!
  • It’s available in two sizes (small and medium)
  • It features the plush Unreal Lambskin™ all around it.
  • There is a removable round bed that can be machine washed in the center of the bed.
  • The bed has tall sides, so it is great for large cats too.
  • My cats love to “nest” and they can do that because of the round cozy nest structure it provides.
  • My cats both like it!

You can order the Siesta through – it’s just $36.99 + $8.39 shipping.

Charlie in the AlphaPooch Siesta Cat Bed Natural
Charlie in the AlphaPooch Siesta Cat Bed Natural

Here’s a video I captured of Trigg hanging out in the bed in the middle of the day – as it has gotten colder in Kansas City, he seems to be doing this a little more frequently!

UPDATE!  December 3, 2010

Per Donna’s request, I have made a video to show what the bed looks like on the inside when you pull out the insertable part:

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  1. I think this is definitely a product I am adding to my list of things for my future kitties, it looks extremely comfortable! The cats seem to really love it! The price seems pretty good too ^^

    1. Melody, it is wonderful. I have found both cats in it – but Trigg is in it the most – usually during the day and then again overnight (my cats don’t sleep with me all night long). The fabric is great and I love that it’s machine washable – very important when they are getting older, especially. We are doing another product review on their Cat Napper Den – it is very neat as well.

      1. I like the Cat Napper Den too, I watched your YouTube video on it. I found the design to be very appealing. I don’t think a cat would be able to sleep with me throughout the night either due to me moving around a bit in my sleep. The Siesta bowl and the Cat Napper Den are definitely catching my eye though!

      1. I am thinking about ordering one. Most of the cat beds I have seen at the petstore are too small for my cat, and I like the high sides.

  2. I am looking forward to hearing how you like them after long term use. I know I still have my original two Morgans Beds that I made 5 years ago and they still look brand new after a gazillion washes. Fleece washes wonderfully!

    Jen – Can you take a picture of the “guts” of the bed without the cover? I am really curious. I think we’ll even add this to our own wish list.

    1. Yes, I will go take one now. I have to warn you that Trigg is in it and will not like being disturbed. Better yet – we’ll do a video – so you can see how upset he is about being interrupted during his afternoon nap. He does know that he is the offical product tester and movie star of – so when I remind him of that, he will be happier.

  3. Jolie will sleep wherever her Yeoww!! catnip bananas are. Otherwise, my grllls do not like comfortable beds on the floor. Jolie has been sleeping on top of the stove lately, in between the burners, on top of the kitty spoon rest and art cat trivets. Comfy. (But probably cool.)

  4. Hi, Jenny!

    Thanks for this info! This awesome item is now on the top of my Amazon Wish List. 🙂

    I’m going to get either the Natural or the Coco. I know Pink Sugar will lurve curling up in this!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

    1. The natural one is better in my opinion because it shows less of their hair – especially when you wash it. Our brown shows the hair very easily and then it’s stuck to it when you wash it, but you can’t really tell on the natural one =)

      1. That what I was thinking, too, about the Natural one. (But…I just lurve the rich, dark tones of the Coco one….. lol) 🙂

        Thanks, Jenny!

        Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

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