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Last Updated on August 23, 2021 by Jenny

Mountain Cat TreesKeeping your Bicolor Ragdoll entertained and stimulating his or her curiosity is important to their overall health. Wouldn’t it be great if this could be done by bringing the great outdoors inside and still having a functional and eco friendly toy for your Ragdoll? Now you can have it all with all natural unique cat furniture from Mountain Cat Trees.

The eco friendly cat furniture from Mountain Cat Trees is inspired by the great outdoors with an all natural look and feel.  Made of real trees that have had the bark stripped off and all natural sisal cat scratching posts this cat furniture will entice and entertain your feline.

Mountain Cat Trees does not use carpet, but instead uses textured pine to keep kitty happy. The beautiful artistic design will look great in any setting in which your four legged friend is allowed to play. While Mountain Cat Tree products are made to last if they do need replaced or thrown out they are 95% biodegradable.

Be eco friendly while helping your feline to have a place to play all their own with Mountain Cat Tree products for a range of prices from 149.99 -449.99.

Do you own a Mountain Cat Tree product? How does it measure up?

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