Ajax – Ragdoll of the Week

Originally published November 4, 2019

Hi, my name is Rebecca and this is my Ajax. Two years ago I had a mental break down that left me suffering panic attacks and anxiety. I was living alone at the time and decided to get a furry companion to help me cope. My family had never had cats before but my landlord wouldn’t allow anything bigger.

So I began to research breeds of cats. I was really looking for something that would be fun, loving and good company. A lady I knew had a Ragdoll and having never heard of this breed before I went crazy on google and decided this was the cat for me. In my searching I came across Floppycats and it really gave a lot of useful information and advice.

Ajax - Ragdoll of the Week

I couldn’t afford much but I was able to find Ajax from a lady who had bought him but then had to move and couldn’t take him with her so was selling him cheaper So, my best friend and I went to see him. It wasn’t love at first sight. He was so small and fuzzy and I wasn’t sure about his “Batman” markings but my friend convinced me he was the one, so I took him home. I’m so glad she did. I decided to find a name that wasn’t a generic “fluffy” cat name and found Ajax. It means eagle. It just really seemed to suit. Ajax has been a dream. From the first night I brought him home, he was such a snuggler and just loved to purr. He used to sleep on my chest and he would suck my thumb and knead to his hearts content. It made me so happy to be busy doing something and all I could hear and see was Ajax dashing back and forth having so much fun.

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Ajax - Ragdoll of the Week 2

Eventually, circumstances meant we had to move back in with my parents. He continued to bring so much happiness to them too. Our family dog Sasha had died almost two years previous and my parents had never gotten another pet. Ajax helped them heal and now we not only have another dog, Amber the adorably crazy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but I also have another Ragdoll called Calla too. Ajax is a bit of “old man” and as much as he loves Calla and Amber, sometimes he just wants to be alone. But despite his grumpy days he’s still my munchkin.

Ajax - Ragdoll of the Week 3

I love coming home and he meets me at the door, even if it comes with a demanding “where have you been I’m hungry” meow. I love his batman mask. I love his soft little toe beans. I love having to bribe him into letting me groom him. I love when he snuggles and plays with Calla. I love that I’m his favourite human. I love that he’s a little grouchy but I know deep down he’s a big softy. I love how uncoordinated and dorky he is. And I love that he still kneads and snuggles like when he was little.

Collage of a ragdoll cat lying on a bed

Ajax - Ragdoll of the Week 4

These days I’m doing so much better with my issues with anxiety, and I know Ajax wasn’t the cure for it, but he definitely made the bad days easier to deal with. I can’t imagine life without Ajax now. Even as I’m writing this he’s snuggled up beside me being his squishy adorable fluffy self. I am so grateful for websites like Floppycats that are there to inform people like me of the beautiful breed, Ragdolls.

Ajax - Ragdoll of the Week 5

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