Affectionate Ragdoll Cat Chiggy Video

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For those of you who follow us on our Facebook and YouTube, this video will be a repeat for you. I was in Albuquerque, NM last week – and when I came home Tuesday night both Charlie and Trigg were uber affectionate. Trigg is usually like this when he is hungry too – but I never seem to get it on film. Lucky me, this time he was willing to continue his affection while I did a selfie video.

I mentioned, also on Facebook, that when I get home from a trip – I unzip all of my bags and take out all of my laundry – and separate it into piles for laundry (darks and lights, etc). I then leave it there for the cats to smell. As long as it is safe for them to smell (not a chemical of some sort), then I let them smell it as long as they need to – that way they are familiar with that smell if they encounter it again in the house. Cats are very territorial – so I don’t want to do anything to upset them…especially because Rags was known to pee outside the litter box! 8 years in with Charlie and Trigg and they have never peed outside of the litterbox (knock wood). Although I naturally do this anyway, Amanda B. (a reader) also suggested that you immediately shower and change out of your travel clothes. She mentioned that you have hotel shampoos, soaps, etc. on you that your cats aren’t familiar with – so by showering and using your normal scents, they accept you back home a little more quickly.

How do your kitties respond to you after you have been gone on a trip?


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  1. Wonderful video & post, Jenny! What a delightful video to watch! Your BIG SMILE and Chiggy’s affection (and butt flashing) is just WAY TOO ADORABLE!!! Lurve the YouTube comment that said something like “…Came for the butt but stayed for the smile…” 🙂 <3

    We don't travel much at all because of our finances and the fact that we would only both travel together if we could take Miss PSB with us (the thought of boarding her is just terrifying to both of us, as we've had unpleasant experiences with that in our pasts with other beloved pets when we did travel when we were both younger and working). Miss PSB is just so used to having both of us home for 80% of each day. The odd 20% is me leaving for walks, bike rides, shopping, appts, etc… My hubby is pretty much home 24 hours a day due to some health issues he has… I fear the shock of taking her to board somewhere would just be too hard on her (and us!) emotionally so I don't ever plan to do that. Emergency family trips will be made by only myself and hubby will stay with her. (His parents are gone but mine are still in good health but they are in their 80s so you never know what could happen.) <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Adorable. video of Mr Chiggy Fluffypants and you!
    The responses to us being gone is varied by each of our girls. I do the laundry just like you do by letting them smell it all at their leisure. Always take my shampoo and lotions, so no change there. This time there must have been something pretty darn good on my jeans because Grace wouldn’t leave them alone and rolled all over them like they were doused in catnip.
    While we used to leave our kitties at home with a sitter, that is now a past event because our Maine Coon, Miss Mariposa, peed on our bed for 17 days and the sitter just left it all there! It permanently ruined the mattress and had to replace it.
    So, now we leave them at a very nice kitty condo run by an amazing lady. Although I don’t like leaving them at all and always cry when we leave, it actually has improved their mental health. Think they probably get bored here just as i do. This time when we went to the kitty condos to pick them up, Illaria was so mad at me she growled and hissed until we got in the car. Think ahe might have thought she was going to the vet cause that is the only other time I puttheir harnesses on.
    Gracie was her normal sweet self and Mari was happy to be going home. When home, they were so much more appreciative of everything. Always take them into my bedroom to get reacquainted because Grace always is very disoriented and cries like she has no idea where she is until I take her around to smell everything. Poor little girl. Both Illaria and Grace stuck to me like glue and Mari wasn’t so aggressive for the first few days! ♥️♥️♥️

      1. Thanks Patti. Hoping it will be a very long time before we have to leave again. Love you and my sweet niece so much!♥♥♥

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