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Information on how to advertise with us

Colin, Photo by Robin Desantis

Colin, Photo by Robin Desantis

Are you a Ragdoll breeder looking to advertise your cattery? Are you looking to get more referrals? Do you have kittens on the way or on the ground that you are looking to adopt out? Advertising on is a great way for potential adopters to find your cattery.

Why Advertise Ragdoll Breeder on

  • Over 13,000 Visitors/Month – that’s 156,000 visitors a Year
  • Over 30,000 Pages Viewed Each Month – that’s 360,000 Page Views a Year
  • is also a blog that offers a RSS Feed
  • Number 1 referrer to is Google Search – with 10,000+ referrals/month, this means that people are searching for Ragdoll related items and finding the site through Google
  • Number 2 referrer to is Yahoo! Search- with 3,000+ referrals/month, this means that people are searching for Ragdoll related things and finding the site through Yahoo! Search

Advertising on is a wiser move than advertising in a magazine or at a trade show because is Ragdoll specific, niche focused. Therefore, you will be hitting your target audience instantaneously. Whereas, by advertising in a magazine, you are advertising to a wide variety of cat lovers, not necessarily Ragdoll lovers or people looking for Ragdolls specifically.

Testimonial from a’s Ragdoll Breeder Advertiser:

“ is a great informational website that especially promotes and supports the Ragdoll Breed. I was really impressed on how thorough was on giving the absolute dedication and drive on giving the info on this breed. Jenny, being an owner of a beloved friend named Rags, has totally impressed me with the honest deep down to earth genuine love of an animal, whom she grew up with and documenting the life stages of her best friend even down to the last days of his cancer… She has also become part of my life by coming to my home and having her family members take my lil lovers home with them…I want to thank Jenny for the support of Angelkissed Ragdolls and the features of Harlow. Hobbs, and Maddie (all from Angelkissed). You have been a great help to the breed and to ME!! Thank you!”

-Gail Vettel of Angelkissed Ragdolls in Burnsville, MN

If you are involved with Ragdolls in any way, and would like to advertise Ragdoll Breeder on this site, limited advertising space is available.

Cattery/Breeder Advertising

You will be able to advertise the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Location
  • Adoption Costs (if applicable)
  • Vet Services (if applicable)
  • At least 300 word article to describe your cattery(may be edited for grammar, spelling, or search engine optimization)
  • Cattery Logo, Breeder Photo, or Cat Photo, etc.
  • Link to your cattery’s website

Package #1: Monthly

$10 per month, cancel anytime

Package #2: Bi-annual

$45 for 6 months.

Package #3 : Annual

$75 for one full year.

Additional Options:

Text Links

$55/year or $10/month to have a piece of text link directly from your website to You choose a piece of unclaimed text (i.e., text that isn’t in blue and underlined) that you would like to link to your site. Simply contact and let us know which portion of text you’re interested in or fill out the form below and be sure to include the page and text you want to claim. Upon approval, a link to your site from that text will be up within one week.

Banner Ads

$30/year or $5/month to have your Banner ad appear on a specific page on the site. limits three banners or ads per page. Therefore, in some cases, you might request a specific page, but might need to suggest a different page. However, in the majority of cases, your requested page should be available.

Available Kitten Advertising


$1.5/kitten – will post photos and information about each available kitten that you have. The advantage of advertising on is that based on the content of pages, people will find you from searching a number of different things. This is especially a great advertising option if you are having difficulty of adopting out a certain litter. gets over 15,000 visitors a month or over 500 visitors a day.

$85/year – Up to 70 posts of available kittens in a year’s time. will get any photos sent in posted within 24-48 hours of receiving the photos.


Don’t have the budget to pay for Advertise Ragdoll Breeder? But need to advertise? Perhaps, we can strike a deal. is always looking to add valuable content to the site. After all, is an informational site. In exchange for at least a 500-word article (could be 1,000 words or more, if you choose) about a cat-related topic, will offer you free advertising for 1 year for Advertise Ragdoll Breeder. Once receives the article, we will then offer the following advertising for 1 year:

  • Banner Ad on the site – location to be determined by – based on your product/services
  • Link to your website, either company sponsored or personal

Please be aware that when the 1-year free advertising is up, will retain the article indefinitely and will remove your information from the site (unless you want to pay for an advertising package thereafter). Article topic to be decided mutually before proceeding and content must be approved for posting on and posted on the site, before the advertising is. All article content must be original and not copied from another published website, book, newspaper, etc.

No refunds will be given. You are free to cancel your advertising package for advertise ragdoll breeder at any time. It is your responsibility to notify if your website information or links change.

If you would like to advertise with, please submit the following form. You will be invoiced via Paypal, and asked to provide the above additional information about your opportunity.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about advertise ragdoll breeder.

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