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After 10 years, as an experienced professional blogger, we came to a clear conclusion: comprehensive advertising campaigns always beat sole actions in terms of ROI and impact. Please, review testimonials from businesses that we are working with, and contact us to evaluate our complete Floppycats Media Kit by yourself.

Our Media Kit includes information about Floppycats’ audience, traffic and traffic sources, advertising packages/strategies and most importantly – an introduction to our values.

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I recently had my product reviewed by Jenny Dean at She did a very professional and thorough job of showing the attributes of my product. Her review definitely improved my business, so if you have a pet product that is worthy of being in the pet product market, I would recommend that reviews it.
– Ken Ticehurst, EZ-GROOMER

<…> Product reviews themselves can be a beast to wrangle, but having already been a subscriber to their YouTube channel, I knew the quality of Jenny’s review was something I wanted to use to showcase the CatGeeks ComfyCat cave. <…><…> To any other organizations interested in working with Jenny, I highly recommend the experience and the partnership. We look forward to working closely with floppycats as we release additional products in our line. <…>
– Blake Watson, CatGeeks

<…> I contacted Jenny about doing a product review and received an immediate response. Her product review and ad rates were extremely reasonable, so I decided to do both. <…> Since the review I’ve received an increase in sales and inquiries from around the globe. For anyone who is interested in getting an honest and well thought out review of their product, as well as a large amount of exposure, a review by Floppycats is a great deal! <…>
– Stacey Werner, Felix Katnip Tree Company

Jenny, thanks so much! I’m very pleased with the turn out. I dig a giveaway with Modern Dog Magazine and Modern Cat Magazine and the results were VERY poor. With your giveaway, I got a handful of sales and some good emails. I will be back for more when I build the business a little more.
– Anthony, “Tail Threads”

<…> She educates her audience so by the time a reader becomes a customer of ours, they’re already quite familiar with our product, it’s functions, and features. Floppycats is a trusted source among ragdoll owners, and Jenny’s genuine support of a product speaks volumes to her audience. Fun, shareable content and the conversations that come from it. We would recommend to advertise with Floppycats. Floppycats is a dream to work with! Jenny is timely, professional, and consistent. <…>
– Litter Robot

<…> Jenny contacted me back in November 2013 with interest in reviewing our bowls. I declined at that time but when she contacted me again in February of this year, I decided to do more research and better understand what her points of difference were. The most important thing I learned was that Jenny offered clients the feature of arrival video and review video, posted not only on her blog but also on YouTube. For us, this unique benefit was exactly what we were looking for.  <…><…>  We had great success with Jenny’s videos and her formal written review. We enjoyed a dramatic uptick in our online traffic and sales in the days and weeks that followed her post. In fact, months later, we still get purchasers who have seen Jenny’s reviews of our bowls.  <…>
– Sachi Ushihara, PawNosh simply delivers. I look forward to earning your business (and eventually a great testimonial):

Purchasing Guidelines

–  I require the approval of a product before accepting it for review or for a sponsorship campaign. My honesty and integrity are key values that I bring to both sides of the table.
–  When campaign has ended, a list of the links of the work we did are emailed to you for review. We can also use a tracking link you want us to use to help monitor your ROI.
–  Payments are accepted via
–  Please keep the size of your image file(s) low.
–  I reserve the right to reject ads I deem to be unacceptable for my blog.
–  Prices may change so please contact me before planning your campaign budget.

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