Adventure Kitty! has his adventure tall on!!

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blue mitted Ragdoll CatLuigi is a year and 4 month old blue-mitted Ragdoll. Luigi was a present to my boyfriend and I from each other. He has been the purrfect first cat for myself. I have always been a crazy cat lady but my sister was allergic growing up 🙁 luckily I found a man just as crazy about cats as myself. We have taught both our cats to walk on leashes. That is why the Pink Kritter Kondo Deluxe would be amazing for Wiji. He LOVES to go outside!! When he sees me pick the leash up he sits by the door meowing and purring. Pretty much the cutest thing ever! We also take frequent trips to the pet store for adventures along with the assisted living home my Grandmother lives at. Wiji is always ready to adventure. His big-boned princess Daizie a 4 year old Maine Coon in the third picture. Is an ex-breeder and show cat we got in January. We needed a large-docile cat to keep up with our growing boy. She has been an amazing addition. >^..^

Kitty’s Name: Luigi
Name: Kelley
Where: WI

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