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AbbyMy cat’s name is Abby. She loves to talk all the time. She greets everyone every morning with a loud "MEOW" as if she’s saying good morning but really what she wants is to eat. She loves to run around the house and create all kinds of chaos with the dog who by the way puts up with it for about 2 seconds and then wants to be "protected" from the CAT!!!! Abby would just love all of these goodies to eat and play with. She would also love to share her goodies with her favorite no-kill shelter called Furkids in Atlanta, Ga so that all the kitties there can enjoy these wonderful things. Furkids is a wonderful organization and deserves to receive this wonderful prize package. Thank you!

Name: Deb
City: Lawrenceville
State: Georgia
ShelterRescue: Furkids, Inc.

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Thanks to all these manufacturers for making this happen!

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