A Truly Rewarding Game for Your Cat

Post Published on March 20, 2013 | Last Updated on March 20, 2013 by Jenny

TRIXIE Pet Products Solitaire Game for CatsSolitaire for cats? You're probably wondering what we're thinking here at Floppycats. Don't be too quick to judge though; TRIXIE Pet Products Solitaire Game for Cats combines mental exercise with reward to keep your cat interested. It is truly one of the more unique cat products out there.

Basically, the product includes a base on which seven different dome covers fit. These dome covers have tiny holes in them so that your cat will catch a whiff of whatever cat snacks are inside. These snacks sit on the base of the product but are covered by the domes. In order to get to the yummy treats, your cat will have to do some investigating. This will fulfill his natural urge to forage while involving a bit more exercise than just handing him a treat would. Switching which dome covers you put the treats for cats under will keep them from getting too bored with the product, which allows for more mental stimulation.

In addition to all of the great benefits Solitaire has for your cat, it's also easy to clean. You can safely wash the game in your dishwasher so there's less hassle for you. The product also comes with an instruction booklet with tips for switching the game up for your little buddy, as well as a one year warranty on the off chance that something breaks. At such a low price, it's truly difficult to beat this deal, especially when considering how occupied and happy it will keep your cat. They say happiness can't be bought, but if spending less than $20 on a toy is all it takes to keep your cat a happy camper, that's not so bad!

TRIXIE Pet Products Solitaire Game for Cats


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