A Sleek and Modern Take on Cat Beds

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PEI POD PET BED MINT The Pei Pod Pet Bed is an absolutely deluxe design for the cat who loves to lounge in luxury. These beds for cats come in the shape of the egg and are a pastel mint color. The product is made of high-density polyethylene and is recyclable. So not only will you be investing in a bed that is durable and easily cleaned, you will also be doing your part to stay environmentally conscious. It is also easily to clean the entire pod, requiring only a wet cloth and some soap of your choosing. This is one of the few cat products out there that requires little maintenance and is rather basic but will fulfill your little friend's needs.

This egg pet bed comes with a cute yellow cushion with a white polka dot pattern to add a bit of funk to the look of it. This cushion can be washed in a machine without problem as long as the gentle cycle option is used and the pillow is air dried rather than machine dried. Like the bed itself, the pillow is also recyclable. Cats up to 18 pounds, as well as small dogs, can fit into the Pei Pod Pet Bed. Its overall design makes this bed one piece of unique cat furniture that serves its function well without being too gaudy.

The company providing this product reminds users not to place the bed on any elevated surface. This bed is designed to be placed on the floor due to its shape, so do not purchase it if you're looking for cat perches instead.



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