A Scratcher For Your Cat That Matches Your Decor

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Catit Style Blow Molded Scratcher, HourglassCatit Style Blow Molded Scratcher, Hourglass in the Hourglass style is a far cry above your typical, cheap, iffy quality cardboard cat scratcher. This toy has a bit of flare to it. With a base width of 14 inches and height of 18 inches, it doesn't require too much room so whether you're living in a luxurious penthouse or a small apartment, this toy can work for you. Its base is brown while the actual scratching part is a tannish color, made of a corn-husk and sisal rope blend. Some reviewers, however, feel that the material it has been made of is not durable enough because it features a blend rather than strictly sisal rope.

Because of its neutral colors, it could easily match any given room's decor without becoming an eyesore. You can also place artificial plants inside of it to give it a little something extra. The style of the Hourglass design in particular is rather curvy, allowing your cat a range of options for scratching angles.

In addition to its beautiful design, the Blow Molded Scratcher serves its function well. Unlike the cat scratching pole you will find at the local pet store, this one is incredibly stable. Once you set it upright, your cat shouldn't have any problems, but if you've got a heavier cat, you can also place a weight inside it for added stability. If you want to get your cat even more interested in this cat scratching tree of sorts, add some catnip into the mix. Your cat won't hesitate to tear into this one when a little 'nip is involved!


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