A Remedy for Cat Scratch Fever

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Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch'n Massage Bed

Anyone who has dealt with cats scratching furniture knows just how much of a pain it can be. The Omega Paw Ripple Board Scratch'n Massage Bed is a perfect remedy for this problem. It provides three different services for your cat all in one! Your cat will have somewhere to sleep and massage itself , as well as a cardboard cat scratcher. This bed is both affordable and economical. At such a reasonable price, it is a wonderful deal for anyone who has a low budget. Instead of spending money on three different pieces of furniture, you can buy one item that does the same thing and costs about the same amount as one of those pieces of furniture usually does.

Your cat will love the cardboard part of this bed, and soon quit scratching at your furniture because he will have his own. Cats tend to scratch in areas that they find comfortable, such as couches and beds. When your cat has his own bed that is designed specifically to appeal to his senses, you will not regret purchasing this item. This bed is a better option than simply giving your cat a box to play with because it also has a stylish pattern to it, so that it won't be an eye sore in your home. Unlike your typical cat scratching pole, the Omega Paw Ripple Scratch'n Massage allows your cat to spread out and rest in it. This bed has also been treated with organic catnip oil to both calm and attract him to it.

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