A Real Jungle Gym for Ongoing Entertainment from Go Pet Club

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GoPetClub "Jungle GYM" Cat Tree Furniture Condo Bed House Pet Scratcher Post F2090

If you’re looking for cat gyms with a difference then the Jungle Gym from Go Pet Club is worth a look. With its fake leaves, brown and black faux fur coverings, white sisal cat scratching posts, and ultra-sturdy construction it is definitely different from most cat trees out there.

The Jungle gym stands over 6ft tall so you’ll want to make sure you have room for it. Plus, it packs a lot of entertainment in for your kitties. There are numerous large platforms, two cat condos big enough for adult cats, hammocks and baskets, so even multi-cat households will be satisfied.

It is quite a hefty piece of equipment and according to reviews it is very well constructed from quality materials. So, whether you have one pampered Ragdoll or a whole family of furry feline friends it will easily be able to take the strain of a good exercise session.  

As cat climbers go it does seem to be very good value for money, and especially since it is half price when bought online.

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