A ragdoll soul

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well let me start by saying that my lucky is not a ragdoll, he is a himi .
I have been raising cats since i was a child then i got older and life took over my love for cats .
I got married and I have two wonderful kids but life was tough torward me and lost three other little babys each in a time . the third boy died last Feb after i gave birth to him . i was empty ,depressed and felt a hole in my heart that when i remembered my old love CATs .
I started looking for a breed that can offer me love and lots of it that when i discovered the ragdolls. i started searching for them in my country but there were no sign of one .So i started looking for a cat that may look like a rag and i found my lucky.
He has been with me for only a week and i fell in love with him already. He has those amazing light sky blue color eyes and soft coat . He purrrrrrrrrs and purrrrs all the time and loves to play ball . He love taking BATHS and took one today so he is shiny and smells great now 🙂
He loves everyone and comes running when he sees me with his tail up saying Hiiiiii
It may not be a ragdoll but I am so happy i got lucky in my family and my heart is soo much better now.

P.S I will try to post other pictures for Lucky next time 🙂

Kitty’s Name: lucky
Name: Mimi
Where: Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

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