Whether you’re bringing home your first Ragdoll kitten or your 5th, you’ll love our Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide.

Please watch the quick video below to see all that’s included in this Ragdoll cat guide:

Charlie as a Ragdoll KittenA Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide, Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home,” is a concise, experienced based, cat care manual that benefits not only Ragdoll owners, but all wanting to give their kitties the best of everything.  It is written from personal experiences of the author along with excellent references to other helpful websites.  It covers a wide range of topics from: how to safely introduce a new kitten into an already established cat household, to quality toys, scratching posts and litter boxes.   We don’t have to waste our time and money searching for products that aren’t safe and well-made because Jenny gives reviews and lets her own kitties test them first.   My favorite chapter was on food because I want my new kitten to be healthy. Love the pictures and  personal experiences.  Jenny’s website, Floppycats.com.compliments the book with even more in dept interviews and personal experiences from other cat owners. Can’t say enough about how excited I am to have  found two great resources that help enrich my kitties lives to the fullest.”

Teresa Reid, VA

Have additional questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to ask – you can reach me at [email protected]

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