A Ragdoll Cat In a Sink – Second Submission!

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Ragdoll Cat In A SinkI am on a hunt for photos of Ragdoll cats in sinks!  If you have a Ragdoll cat in a sink, please submit their story and photo here: Ragdolls Cats in Sinks.

Janice Johnson in California submitted this photos of Dance Little Sister and writes, "Little Sister loves water, she can usually be found in the bathtub or sink, especially when it’s hot out."

Have you seen the site, Cats In Sinks?  It is hilarious! There are tons and tons of photos of cats in sinks for you to look at.

When I am finished compiling these Ragdoll cat pictures in sinks – I will be posting one post of all the Ragdolls in sinks – so stay tuned!

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