A New Approach To Cat Scratchers: QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher

Post Published on July 30, 2016 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

The QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher on Kickstarter

The QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher on KickstarterWhat?  A designer cat scratcher that you do not have to completely replace over and over again?

The folks over at Feline Innovations spent nearly 1 year designing and finalizing their new QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher.  The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher was designed to combine stunning design, high quality materials, and innovative functionality for an all-around unique cat scratching product.

Patent-Pending QuickSnap Removable Design

We all know how much kitties scratch and as a result, how often we have to replace scratching pads, posts and more.  The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher was designed with a unique and patent-pending QuickSnap Removable Design – allowing cat lovers to easily ‘snap off’ the scratching component, and replace it with a brand new one! The replaceable scratching cartridges have been designed so that they are easy to remove and replace.  And since you’re not replacing the entire scratcher, it becomes a more affordable scratcher over the long run.

QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher

The Replacement Scratching Cartridges will be available in the following materials:

  • Sisal
  • Carpet
  • Sea-Grass

The QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher on Kickstarter 5

Multiple colors will be available at retail for added style and variety as well.

Replacement Cartridges will retail at $10.99 + shipping in Spring ‘17. Kickstarter Backers will have the ability to pick up Replacement Cartridges at the $6 + $2 shipping reward level, and for a slightly lower per-unit offer for multiple replacement bundles. Multiple color options will be unlocked during the Kickstarter as “Stretch Goals.”

The QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher on Kickstarter 3

From July 19, 2016 the QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher will be on Kickstarter and will run through August 23, 2016.

QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher Kickstarter Video

Beautiful Wood Aesthetic

Due to it’s shape and style, this isn’t a cat scratcher you will be embarassed to have in your home.  It becomes a conversation piece – featuring beautiful wood finishes and an aesthetic matching any room décor.

The QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher on Kickstarter 4

Hurry! Early Bird Kickstarter Offer – Grab Yours at a Discount

Feline Innovations is offering a special “Early Bird Kickstarter Offer” – the first 500 Kickstarter participants get to take home the final product for only $25 + $6 shipping! They anticipate to retail the product at $59.99 + shipping on Amazon, direct through their website and via other retailers in Spring ‘17.

They do expect to deliver the product to Kickstarter backers on-time for Christmas!  You can see their expected time frames on their Kickstarter campaign page.

The QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher on Kickstarter 2

Please join Feline Innovations on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to see more images of the The QuickSnapTM Replaceable Cat Scratcher.

What do you think of this new approach to a cat scratcher?  Do you think your kitty would use it?  Why or why not?  Will you choose to support their campaign? Why or why not?

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One thought on “A New Approach To Cat Scratchers: QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Pawesome post, Jenny! What a beautiful design and very interesting approach to a cat scratcher! Lurve that design and the replacement pad functionality. Wonder if our Ragdolls would fit in that hammock? Hmmmm. It’s really lurvely. The Early Bird special of getting one of these for $31 (including S&H) is really a good value, I think. 🙂

    Unfortunaely, I’m not able to financially support the campaign at this time due to bills, bills, bills but I will put this on my Wist List for possible purchase when they are available via Amazon next year. Wishing them the best of luck!

    Thanks for this great info, Jenny! 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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