A Multi-Use Cat Scratcher That Will Leave Everyone Happy

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Catit Style Blow Molded Scratcher, Vase

The Catit Style Blow Molded Scratcher in the Vase style is certainly a more attractive cat scratching pole than most. While its base material is plastic and the actual scratcher is made of sisal rope and corn-husk (keep in mind that it's a blend so it's not as tough as sisal rope by itself), the overall design looks incredibly chic. Its neutral tones allow for it to sit comfortably in any room without looking out of place. This scratcher also has a hollow middle so you can place artificial plants in it that will stick out from the top and make it look like an actual vase. At the same time as you're pleasing your cat with a discount cat toy, you will be pleasing yourself with a new decoration for your home.

The Vase style for this model is a bit thicker around the middle, allowing for more range than a typical rectangular cardboard cat scratcher does. If you add a little bit of catnip into the mix, your cat will love you forever. Since this scratcher has a hollow middle part and is made of plastic, you may want to put a weight inside it for added stability. If not a weight, you could also store your cat's other toys in here. So, not only is this design a cat scratcher, but it also works as storage and an aesthetically pleasing decoration. With a width of 14 inches and height of 13.5 inches, finding a place for the Catit Style Blow Molded Scratcher Vase style in your home shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem, especially since it has multiple uses!


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