A Multi-Cat Gym that doesn’t fill the Room from New Cat Condos

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Six Foot Tall Cat TowerIt isn’t difficult to find cat gyms to accommodate multiple cats but it is quite difficult to find large gyms that don’t require huge amounts of floor space. This 6ft tall gym is the epitome of cat climbing trees and yet it only requires an area of floor space measuring 17 by 17 inches. So, if you haven’t got room to spread out why not go up?

This particular gym has enough hidey holes for five cats, plus it has a dangling play ball and a cute mirror in the back panel for your Ragdoll kitties to look at their pretty faces. You can choose from beige, brown, blue, grey and green, and what’s more the manufacturer, New Cat Condos, is offering free shipping. Each of their cat tree houses is custom made to order though so delivery is normally 7 to 10 days.

This gym acts as a bed, a play area, a scratching post, a lookout tower and most of all a place for your cat to sit where it can’t possibly miss out of some love and attention. Plus, when you compare it to other similar style gyms it really is very reasonably priced.  

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