A Cute and Mischievous Friend to Watch Over Your Office Supplies

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Kam Kam Magnetic Paper-clip ContainerGone are the days of plain, sterile business atmospheres. When you finally get your own office space, the last thing you want to do is let it turn into a stock cubicle from the movies. What you want, instead, is to bring your passions into your office and display them. You've earned a spot for yourself and you deserve the chance to decorate this space any way you'd like. For the cat lovers out there, cat toys are the way to do this. No, not toys for cats, but human toys with cats being the focus!

One of the best cat products aimed toward people who spend much of their time doing work at the office is the Kam Kam Magnetic Paper-clip Container. This design features a green bowl that doesn't take up too much space. Inside the bowl is a grey cat with the typical mischievous look on his face. His job is to keep your paperclips in one place, but his expression says he might very well make a mess out of playing with them. Well, thankfully, he's merely a figurine so there aren't any worries about that, but you'll get a kick out of how much his look resembles your own cat's right before he gets into something.

The Kam Kam Magnetic Paper-clip Container adds a bit of *oomph* to your desk, while you dream about coming home to your real cat fast asleep on his cozy cat furniture. Most employers won't allow you to bring your own cat to the office so it's nice to have a little toy on your desk to remind you of him when you're away. It's also quite pleasant not to have paperclips sprawled out all over your office when you need them handy!

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