A Chic Cat Condo for the Dedicated Pet Owner

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Copenhagen Cat CondoWho says you can't keep your own condo looking stylish when you've got a cat? Now you can match his unique cat furniture to your own! There's no longer a need to keep your beloved cat's belongings stowed away somewhere since Ree-Yong provides a Cophenagen Cat Condo that just about any cat owner and cat will go gaga over.

This condo comes with a set of three boxes that look extremely chic and come in either brown or white depending on your decorating scheme. The bottom box features one of the best cat litter boxes out there that comes with a disposable cardboard liner. The middle box is a bit more snug in size and serves to hold the mock suede cushion that comes with the Condo for your cat's comfort. The box at the very top allows room for all of your cat toys so that you have to deal with less of them scattered about the house.

The set of these boxes go from biggest to smallest with the largest on the bottom. This design is super sleek and blends in with its surroundings easily. It is made of faux leather, which unfortunately is not scratch-proof. This problem can easily be remedied by setting up a scratch post or board next to the condo though. As far as modern decor goes, the Copenhagen Cat Condo takes the cake. If you've found your cat's living arrangements to be a bit of an eyesore, this furniture would be an absolute asset to providing your cat with a beautiful home to match yours.



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