A Cat Tree Well Worth the Money

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The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree in BlackWow, this is a cat scratching tree with quite the twist! Available in black or white, the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree will fool any guest into thinking it's either a regular piece of furniture or even an aesthetically pleasing decoration that matches the most modern of homes. This design features six distinct levels in the form of boxes artistically placed on top of each other at different spots for a more interesting, compelling look.

The levels featured in this cat tree can be used for climbing and playing, and the first one consists of a sisal material that is perfect for scratching. The second and fourth levels have carpet on them and could even be used as comfortable cat window perches to allow your cat a wonderful view. The second level doubles as a hiding place with an entrance hole in it for your furry friend. This hole is 7.5 x 8 inches so that even larger cats can fit inside it and won't feel left out.

Sebastian Modern Cat Tree in WhiteThe Sebastian Modern Cat Tree uses a non-toxic, long-lasting paint that is safe for your pets and has a glossy look to it, adding a little bit of oomph to an already intriguing design. The product itself weighs 72.8 pounds so it's much sturdier than your average cat tree. Your cat could jump up to one of the levels and not have to worry about it falling over. In addition, the tree is easy to assemble and comes complete with instructions. This is one piece of cozy cat furniture that is sure to make even human jealous.


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