A Cat Tree Sure to Make Heads Turn

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The Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree in BlackThe Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree in Black is a great addition to any collection of cat climbing trees you might have, or if you haven't started a collection yet, this is the perfect one to go with. This tree comes in a set of two shelves that you can mount on a wall wherever you prefer. If you want, you can purchase another set of shelves and really come up with a great configuration that is likely to keep your cat occupied for hours at a time.

This product features carpet on each of the shelves that is perfect for your cat to perch on. One of the shelves includes a hole that is 7.5 x 8 inches so that your cat can climb through it no matter how big he or she is. The other shelf's box can be used for storage or decorations like house plants, which would look great with this sleek design. Instead of wasting money on cat window perches, you could mount these shelves near a window to do the trick.

Luckily, the shelves attach to the wall using brackets so the whole product is fairly easy to get in working shape. All that you need to start is a Phillip's head screwdriver, drill, hammer, and pencil, none of which are very hard to acquire. The shelves themselves can support up to 25 pounds so larger cats are not a problem. With all the possible configurations of this tree, this is a better buy than most cat playpens.

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