9 Ragdoll Cat GIFs That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

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There’s nothing like a good GIF to put a smile on your face. And our collection of Ragdoll cat GIFs is definitely going to make your day better. Are you ready for some Ragdoll awesomeness? Then take a look at our GIF list! We’re going to list them in no particular order and we’re going to leave the ranking up to you. There’s so much cuteness to choose from. Enjoy!

A Cat’s Best Friend


Everybody needs a friend, and Timo, a seal bicolor Ragdoll cat, has his very own teddy bear. As you can see, he is having a great time rocking in his cat hammock with it. Seems like a laid-back afternoon for the two buddies.

A Raggie and Its Teddy


Well, if the first Ragdoll cat GIF on our list featured a cat and its small teddy bear, in this one you can see Timo again and his giant teddy bear. Some cats enjoy puzzle toys, but others seem to prefer cuddlier choices. Not a bad way to spend the day, not a bad way at all…

Teeth Cleaning


This has to be one of the calmest kitties in the world. We can see this Ragdoll having its teeth brushed without protests. He just remains calm, staring at the ceiling, afterwards. With his pearly whites and baby blues, this Ragdoll cat is absolutely adorable. Check out our article on how to brush a cat’s teeth to find out more about how it’s done and what type of brush to use. It looks a bit different than the one in this GIF.

When I Sits, I Sits


Everybody loves Ragdoll cats because they are one of the calmest, most laid back cat breeds out there. Their floppiness is certainly one of the best Ragdoll personality traits. This one is showing off its remarkable sitting abilities. Captured from various angles, this Raggie is sitting belly up on the sofa enjoying a relaxing afternoon. After a long day, who doesn’t enjoy putting his feet up?

Paw Five


This adorable floppy Ragdoll cat is giving you a paw five and it is bound to make your day so much better. Just try not to smile looking at this fluffy cat? Would you high five him back? Well, look at that face! How could you not?

Did Anybody Say Kneading?


This is the poster white cat GIF for cats kneading and of course, it’s of a Ragdoll cat. Look how adorable it is making biscuits, playing the piano, kneading dough, making muffins. So many good words out there for kneading. But why do cats knead? Well, in fact, this is one question that feline experts have yes to answer, but there are some solid theories out there. Some believe that it comes from their kitten behavior when they used to knead their mother to get milk. Others believe that they’re doing it to mark their territory, while another theory says that they are just settling down. Whichever it is, we can’t get enough of this Ragdoll cat kneading in the air!

We Need to Talk


This Ragdoll sure is adamant! He is literally putting his paw down and demanding that his human give him the attention he deserves. And how could you turn your eyes away from a lovely red Ragdoll? Did you know that they are the rarest kind of Ragdoll cat? Also called flame point Ragdolls, they are red or orange in color and they are a treat for any cat lover out there.

Cuteness Overload


Have you ever seen a Ragdoll kitten up in a blossoming cherry tree? This has to be one of the loveliest sights ever. Notice how this little guy’s fur is just as white as the cherry blossoms. It must be his first time in a tree. Well, we are certainly glad to whiteness it, because it is adorable. Did you know that all Ragdoll cats are born white, regardless of the color? It’s only after a couple of weeks that they get their first colored fur. Find out more about Ragdoll color progression here.

The Gentle Giant


Looking at this GIF, you might get an idea why Ragdoll cats are called that. This Raggie has a very eager tuxedo cat buddy that just doesn’t take no for an answer. But the Raggie just cannot be bothered. That has to be one of the best things about Ragdoll cats. They are extremely calm, which makes them great for households with two cats. The small tuxedo kitty will have a wonderful role model growing up, as well as a playmate!

So, how would you rank our 9 Ragdoll cat GIFs? Which one is your favorite? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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