8 Things I Would Recommend for Christmas

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This is a guest post by Erica Johnson

Hello, my name is Erica Johnson and I am a cat behaviorist. I would like to share some of my favorite items with you! They are all kitty tested and approved, and of course, safe!  I have taken the guesswork out of these items, and provided links directly to the items online.  There may be several of one or two places, that’s just because I know and trust them!  I’ve even done some of the price comparing, to find out where you’ll get the most for your money!

  1. Cozy Cat Comforters. Starting at $25. These comforters are spectacular! I had to buy one for each cat, and my small-medium dog! My pets wanted one of their very own, they would not share.  My oldest cat is the toughest critic known to man!  She instantly went to the comforter and laid down.  Now, if she finds something that sweet little heart desires, I would pay close to anything just to see her happy!  I've never seen them so possessive over something! They love them so much; they choose sleeping on the comforter instead of my bed! The shop also makes a larger item, like a table runner for the foot of the bed or back of the couch! I don't want to imagine life without these! Small-medium size dogs love them too. I got my Chihuahua one!   The shops’ owner makes you feel as though you are royalty!  She is the most attentive seller I have had the pleasure of doing business with.  She can also do custom orders if you don’t find the comforter that is purr-fect for you!  
  2. Grow a surprise! Grow your own cat grass. They love it! Kits are sold at pet stores that contain various safe species of cat grass, so you can grow kitty his or her, own little garden! They love to chew it and it’s a natural hairball remedy!
  3.  Da Bird Cat Toy - Easy Store - 2 Part Pole Da Bird – The best wand toy ever – $9.99. This wand toy must be magic! I have never seen a cat that could resist!  It has to be the most incredibly lifelike bird feathers on the end of the very long, thin metal-like wand. It will be the best $8 you ever spend on a cat toy!
  4. CatIt Designs – Water Fountain – $34.06 Do you have a cat that likes to have the faucet turned on for him/her to drink? It is very common for a cat to want to drink water as it drips from a faucet. Kitties like cool, fresh, running water. This fountain was the best investment I EVER made. It fulfills all these kitty wants. The water runs constantly down over a large dome into a dish that is constantly running and filtering all the water and keeping it cool (we live in Texas, we need it!), while providing different area to drink from!
  5. Petstages Cheese Chase – $9.88  This super fun circular track comes with a ball for kitty to chase ‘round and ‘round!  That’s not all!  There is a furry friend growing up in the center for kitty to bat and chew!  My kitty has had his since he was born, and it’s still one of his favorites! 
  6. Temptations cat treats Starting at 1.99 Any Pet Store -I LOVE Temptations cat treats! They are just one calorie per treat and have a plethora of amazing flavors. My favorite is catnip, and it seems to be the cats’ favorite too!
  7. Cat tree. I found the best deal at Petsmart.  It is Online Only though, this is for a 74” tree but they have a variety of beautiful cat furniture! This one is $179.99. This is truly a great investment in your cats’ behavior. Cats do not like to be on the floor, and as a behaviorist, this is one of the first places the client and I go. My first thought is always to provide a way for kitty to get up off the floor. A cat tree also gives your cat a piece of furniture of his own; cats do realize and have feelings about their own furniture in the home. Place the tree in front of a window so they can watch the birds outside, and you've also just given kitty his own television!
  8. Window Perch. Drs Foster and Smith. This perch allows kitty to safely observe the outdoors, without all of the risk and danger.  Naps may be taken while lying in the sun after a long, ever so hard day of bird watching!

Meowwy Christmas!!


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