8 Rad Ragdoll Cat Etsy Finds

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8 Ragdoll Cat Gift Products on Etsy

As many of you know, I have been spending too much time on Etsy.  So, one of my other searches was for “Ragdoll Cat” on Etsy.  Thought these were super cute.  #6 is really cool – we interviewed that Etsy seller already too here: Cat Hair Yarn: Interview with Irene Lerman of PetHair2KnitWear .  Enjoy!


  1. Set of 5 Ragdoll Cat Note cards  $15
  2. Linen Oatmeal Cat Tea Towel Hand screen Printed. Limited Edition. THREE DESIGNER CATS. 100% linen. 50 x 70cm Large. $25.09
  3. Cat tote bag. Carrot Orange Screen Printed. Pickle Birman Ragdoll Cat. Handmade. Large Market Tote / Shopping Bag with Long Handles. $27.44
  4. Bride & Groom Custom Wedding Cake Topper $162
  5. Ragdoll Art, Ragdoll Watercolor, Ragdoll Print, Watercolor Cat, Cat Art Print, Cat Decor, Cat Lover Gift, Cat Painting, Cat Wall Decor $15+
  6. Knitted keepsake bag made with ragdoll cat hair. $36
  7. Got Ragdoll? Short Sleeve T-Shirt. w/FREE matching sticker! $15+
  8. OOAK Needle Felted Ragdoll Siamese Playful Kitty Cat Unique Gift, Made of pure wool $56

Which ones do you like and why?

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  1. I love that art piece!! And the tea towels!

    Not Ragdoll specific but something I recently bought via Etsy that Prossimo LOVES is a scratching stick:

    I’ve tried different things to really scratch his skin – there’s so much fur it’s hard to get in there & give him the satisfaction – but he typically bites at them and then takes off. This thing though, he bit it a bit (ha!), but it was more curiosity and then once I started scratching him he literally melted. He kept moving so I could get different parts of him!

    (p.s. for me at least the the #’s in the graphics and the list are coordinated and the links in the graphics take me to the Etsy homepage, not the item)

      1. I don’t even remember what I was searching for! I favorited it probably a year ago and I recently noticed the price went from $15 to $12 and I kept looking at & thinking about it so I figured it was worth trying!

        The one that I got was a bit different than the one I linked since they are all unique. The one I bought, the cone is more “rounded” versus rectangular like the one I linked but after trying this one I would buy that one just the same. Here’s a pic of the one I bought:


        Yes, I’ve used it on Prossimo and he LOVED it!

      2. interesting – thanks for the feedback. i found it interesting – but was unimpressed by the video – so that’s why I wanted to know more about how Prossimo responds. i do not pet or scratch my cats like he does with the stick in the video.

        Do you think it would be worthwhile for me to ask for one to review?

      3. Pawesome info about the scratching stick! How very interesting, Christy!!! I would definitely lurve to see a Floppycats Review on one of these, Jenny. I think you should definitely reach out and see if you could get one to review.

        Big hugs!

        Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

      4. Thanks, Patti – I will continue to ponder it and wait for Christy to reply again too – as that video on the listing didn’t really sell me!

      5. I didn’t see that video before I bought it. After watching it just now, I probably would have had the same reaction as you! Although I will say that his cat seemed to lean in to the scratching and was quite happy sitting there being scratched (although that could be personality).

        Prossimo seems to like his skin scratched and as you know, getting under all that fur is a lot of work but I suspected my fingernails weren’t as satisfying as could be.

        When he jumps up for a cuddle, scratching his head, neck, cheeks & chin lasts maybe 5 minutes. When I used the stick, it was 20+ minutes! He moved his head around “presenting” me different areas he wanted scratched and he was deeply purring the entire time.

        I think it would be worth it to review.

  2. OMG!!! Pawesome post, Jenny! Etsy + Ragdoll = AMAZING!!!

    Ooops, look like the numbering between the pics and the descriptions are a bit out of sync. But, that’s okay, cuz I figured it all out.

    My faves are:

    1. Ragdoll cards! Yes, because that Ragdoll drawing with the awesome blue eyes is adorable!

    2. Ragdoll tea towels! MUST have! I’m a total tea-aholic! Lurve these pretty tea towels! Going straight to my Wish List!

    3. Totebag! This orange totebag with the Ragdoll face is super adorbs!

    4. Got Ragdoll T-shirt! A must for every Ragdoll owner. Hope they have some different colors and v-necks (not wild about crew neck t-shirts)!

    5. The Ragdoll Art! That painting/print is AMAZING! Lurve the bright cheerfulness of the colors!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

      1. Absolutely! I drink, on the average, about two 20 oz. teapots of brewed tea daily. I prefer tea leaves over tea bags as I think the whole tea brewing experience is heightened using tea leaves. But either way is fine for me. (Don’t mean to sound like a Tea Snob….lol) Lurve my tea time! It’s quite the daily ritual for me. I’ve recently started trying matcha tea as I got some for free to review in exchange for a review on Amazon.com (before Amazon.com put a halt to all of that free/discounted products in exchange for a review unless you are a member of the Amazon Vine Program…sigh…). I now lurve matcha tea, too!

        My very favorite tea blend is from the Kombucha Mama/Kombucha Kamp website. The owner, Hannah, has a special blend of green teas, white tea, black tea, red roobios and yerba mate that I adore called “Hannah’s Special Blend.” I also use that blend to brew my Kombucha Tea!

        Oh, and earlier this year, Sweet Teresa sent me some Catnip Tea to try and it was AWESOME! I need to get some more of that. It was very relaxing and calming. A great tea to drink when you are stressed.

        What’s your favorite brand and flavor and where do you get it?

        Big hugs!

        Patti 🙂 <3

      2. Hi Patti,

        How cool is that – sounds like quite the process, but I love it.

        I am not as complex as that, but would participate in the complexity if I was there with you! Does Hannah’s special blend come in sachets or bags? I feel like a tea novice for not wanting to go the loose leaf route. I think because I have never been with someone doing it – it seems so foriegn to me, so I stick with what I know. I could watch videos on YouTube, but not a pressing matter for me.

        I have never liked coffee – but love the smell. So one day my Aunt was drinking Hot Cinnamon Spice tea by Harney & Sons and it smelled like Christmas, so I tasted it. Much to my surprise, I liked it! Well, I have had it every day since then. It’s a disease. I do think they sell it in loose leaf tea, but I get the sachets as I don’t have a way to strain the leaves with what I have yet.

        I used to buy it directly from Harney and Sons (and stock up when they had sales), but then they raised their prices – so now I buy it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble (it’s sold in the cafe and I am a Barnes and NOble member – so I get extra 30% off sometimes). Here’s the loose leaf version. If you get it and try it, please do let me know how you like it.


      3. Thanks for the info and the link to your favorite tea in loose leaf form! I’ll have to check it out for sure! I’ll let you know if I get some and what I think. I do lurve a good Chai Spice tea blend which has the cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, etc… (The Smells of Christmas, indeed! Lurve that description! Perfect!) This is the perfect time of year to get some!

        Nothing wrong with preferring to use tea bags either. (Just be careful of any tea bags that you might get from any brand made in Europe as I think I read they treat their tea bags with formaldehyde for some reason or another…but I don’t believe that is done over here in our country. You can research that via google for more info.)

        Hannah’s blend only comes in loose leaf form. But you can always get little muslin bags to brew it up, too, or make your own tea bags (if you have the time and inclination…fun at first but gets old after awhile).

        Big hugs!

        Patti 🙂 <3

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