8 Fun Cat Birthday Treats

Your cat is as much a part of your family as anyone else, so why shouldn’t you spoil them when it’s time for their birthday? And that doesn’t just mean making sure they have a can of their favorite tuna – there are so many excellent cat birthday treats you can choose from.

Whether you’re celebrating their actual birthday or the anniversary of the day you welcomed them into your home, these are some great treats. Any cat lover can buy to make their kitty’s birthday go perfectly and ensure their cat feels as loved as they are.

Seal mitted with a blaze Ragdoll cat Charlie 11th birthday july 23 2020 IMG_4319
You can make a birthday hat like the one Charlie is wearing – check out this post – How to Make a Cat Birthday Hat

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Cat Birthday Treats

1. RompiCatz Butterfly Teaser

RompiCatz Rustlin' Butterfly Teaser

This is a fun cat wand with three interchangeable butterflies you can tease your cat with, helping them burn off some energy as they pounce and leap for it. The butterflies are attractive and well-made, giving a crinkling sound as they move, making it very satisfying for your cat when they finally catch their prey. And because you can adjust the height and the butterflies spin 360 degrees as they move, it’ll take a long time for your cat to get bored.

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2. Yeowww! Yellow Banana Catnip Toy

Yeowww Catnip Bananas Rags Birthday 8-8-89

What better way to give your cat or kitten a little birthday treat than with catnip? The Yeowww! range of catnip toys is high quality, containing 100% organically-grown catnip that will have your kitty super-excited and happy. It’s 7 inches long, so they can easily hold onto it, chase it around, or even sit on it and enjoy the aroma. And the durable cotton twill will survive a lot of play before it frays or bursts. Because not all cats respond to catnip, it’s worth checking whether yours does before buying this gift.

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3. Ripple Rug Activity Mat

Ripple Rug Product Review Video Floppycats Cat Activity Mat IMG_8892

This mat is ideal if you want something a little larger for your cat and if they love being adventurous but also finding their little hidey-hole to rest and relax. It’s double-layered, with the top layer attached to the bottom via Velcro. You can customize it with any bumps to give them a sheltered space inside, with holes they can reach in and out of or climb in. Combine this gift with the catnip banana hidden away in the layers, and your cats could go crazy – mine did.

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4. Dog Brick Treat Puzzle

Outward Hound Nina Ottoson Dog Brick Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Sure, this is called a dog brick puzzle, but who’s to say that dog treats can’t also be great for cats? This toy is fun for cats and helps to exercise their mind. Fill the compartments with their favorite treats and watch them work to flip them open, slide the bricks out of the way and nuzzle to remove the middle blocks also to access them all. Because there are different steps involved, it’ll keep your feline friend entertained and stimulated for a while, and if your kitty can be a little destructive, this will remove some of that energy too.

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5. Hauspanther Lynks Felted Wool Toys

Hauspanther Lynks - Felted Wool Cat Toys

These soft wool toys are made to be perfect for cats. They’re crocheted from 100% Peruvian Highland wool and made into intertwined rings. This gives them the ideal shape and texture to give your cat hours of fun and be a joy for them to hold. You can choose from a wide range of colors, and they come in three sets, so your cat can enjoy holding or carrying them or batting them around, and even if they lose one somewhere, you’ll have two backups waiting.

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6. Corduroy Indoor Cat Tunnel

Large Corduroy Cat Tunnel by Litter-Robot, Light Grey, Interactive Cat Furniture and Play Tunnel, Accessories and Toys, 55" x 12"

You might think a tunnel seems like an odd idea for a present for a cat’s birthday, but many cats adore this type of toy. Firstly, they’re incredibly comfortable, with the soft corduroy interior the ideal place for your cat to curl up. And because the tunnel gives them a sheltered space, don’t be surprised to find them snuggled up and napping in there. Then, when it’s time for a little more excitement and your cat has the zoomies, they’ll love darting through the tunnel or using it as a place to hide and pounce on other unsuspecting toys when hunting. And because the tunnel is flexible, you can bend it into different shapes to keep it fresh and exciting.

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7. Blackhole Catch The Tail Toy

Interactive Cat Play-Catch The Tail-Electric, Rotating Feather , Motion, Automatic, Best Undercover Mouse Under Blanket cat Toy

This is an interactive cat toy that is almost entirely hands-off for you. Just turn it on and sit back as your cat has fun. It rotates a ‘mouse’ toy underneath the tarp, making a squeaking sound and moving closer to the center as it spins. Your cats will love to try and catch the toy, pouncing on it as it makes a noise or peeks out from under the tarp. There are different speed settings, and it works on all floor types, so you’ll have no trouble with it in your home.

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8. Cat Birthday Cake

Cat birthday cake
Benjie Girl loved by Sonya Dempsey

What birthday is complete without a birthday cake? First, it’s best to give your cat a ‘cake’ made from something they usually have in their diet, whether sardines, canned, or raw food. You could try this recipe for a birthday cake for your cat – you’ll need to improvise to use a food that your cat usually eats. As long as you add a birthday candle, it’ll look great.

What favorite gifts or cat birthday treats have you given your cat over the years for their birthday? If you’ve got any good suggestions, feel free to comment, and you can check out some of our other favorite cat toys if you want more ideas.

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  1. Patti A Johnson says:

    Such a super lurvely and fun post, Jenny honey! I totally agree with all the fabulous and pawesome treats you’ve listed! There is no such thing a kitteh who is too spoiled in my opinion! 🙂 <3

    Oh, the gifts and treats we've given Our Lurvely Girl over the past 9 years are just too numerous to mention and are one of the reasons we can hardly turn around in our living room and den without bumping into or stepping on a cat toy or piece of cat furniture…lol. It's crowded here in our tiny Casa Johnson apartment! (Drives my hubby crazy but he gets over it quickly if I just let him rant about it every now and then and make no comment back…lol. Besides, Miss PSB has her daddy just where she wants him…under her total control with one bat of her beautiful blue eyes and her adorable chirps and purrs…) 😉 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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