76″ Three Level Large Cat Climbing Trees

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76" Three Level Large Cat Climbing Trees by Mountain Cat Trees If you are interested in owning natural cat climbers then you might want to own one of these 76" Three Level Large Cat Trees by Mountain Cat Trees. Each of these are specially handcrafted, so there are no two cat trees that are exactly alike. 

This one has 3 perches that has 3 different heights which are 24", 48", and 72", making it easy enough to still challenge your pet to climb up or go down from the highest perch. Each perch is loving accented with sisal rope by the highly skilled handcraft cat tree makes of Mountain Cat Trees.It also has a wonderful cat scratching pole that makes this item even more functional and space-saving. 
76" Three Level Large Mountain Cat Trees can be shared by a few cats and can suit the needs of any feline pet. This may be just the cat tree that you need. Imagine how great this would look when placed in any corner of your home, near a window, or even out on the porch. 
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