7 Cat Memorial Ideas: How To Honor The Life Of Your Feline Friend

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One of the most precious gifts that life can offer us is that of having a furry companion next to us that will accompany us through our journey. Regardless of their specific personality, cats always make great friends for us humans, since they are kind, gentle, patient, and always present. They take every moment as it comes and they make the most of life, teaching us to do the same with our own lives. 

Cats teach us true companionship, love and the ability to be present every single moment of the day. They are curious, playful, more or less independent, more or less cuddly, depending on their own personal structure. However they may be and however many struggles we have when tending for them, cats are always there by our side throughout the years. 

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So it’s only natural that we want the best for them, we buy and prepare the healthiest food for them, we offer them comfort and shelter and offer them attention whenever they request it. As time passes, we discover they’ve turned into our very close friends, just as valued as our human friends, if not even more so. 

However our journey together with our feline friends is limited and there comes a time when they need to say goodbye. This is never an easy time for cat owners and if you’ve been in the same position, you probably already know how difficult it can be to part ways. Since we cherish them so much, we often want to carry their memory forward in some sort of physical form – something to look at, something to touch and instantly remind us of our feline friend. But what are some cat memorial ideas that can help you preserve their memory intact?

When caught in the rush of emotions, it may be difficult to know where to start looking for keepsakes. One of our readers reached out to us on Facebook about cat memorial ideas and the Floppycats community replied with suggestions of cat memorials that they themselves have tried and that brought them immense relief.Below you’ll find seven personal cat memorial ideas that can support in keeping your friendship never-ending, as per the community’s suggestions:

Seven personal cat memorial ideas that can support in keeping your friendship never-ending, as per the community’s suggestions: Click To Tweet

1. Cat Memorial Painting

Of all the cat memorial ideas out there, going with a classic may be the best option if you’re looking for something that’s elegant and loyal to your cat’s memory.

cdingo Original drawings, paintings, prints, wooden toys

There are cat owners who better cope with the grieving process by ordering an oil painting of their cats. This way you can contact artists all around the world, give them your favorite photo of your cat and have the painting sent back to you in a matter of weeks. Oil paints need a bit longer to dry, but once the drying process is finished, the painting will also be extremely vibrant and durable for years.

You can hang the painting basically anywhere in your home, regardless if it’s in the hallway, the living room or in the bedroom. Your cat will watch you from afar as you carry on with your daily tasks and this will offer an extra feeling of connection with your beloved feline friend.You can also choose the frame that best suits the portrait and that naturally compliments the room it eventually be in.

Check out more custom pet portrait artists on Etsy.

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2. Cat Memorial Tattoos

There are many cat owners out there who opt for a different way to keep the memory of their cat intact and it’s in a much more intimate way: through cat memorial tattoos. This is an ideal memorial idea, especially if you already love tattoos.

Temporary Cat Tattoos from Cattoo Design on my feet
Temporary Cat Tattoos from Cattoo Design
There are many cat owners out there who opt for a different way to keep the memory of their cat intact and it’s in a much more intimate way. Click To Tweet

Tattoos are the kind that last forever or at least for a very long time. The design options are unlimited really, you can either have a tattoo of your friend’s paws or a full-blown portrait. There are plenty of dedicated ink artists out there that make it their mission to convey your cat’s features as accurately as possible.

Apart from this, you can even opt to mix some of your cat’s ashes in the ink used to immortalize the tattoo on your skin. This will certainly add an extra degree of comfort knowing you’re doing something so special to keep your beloved feline friend close to you for the years to come. A tattoo may not be comfortable to get in the first place, but you get to keep the gift it brings endlessly. 

3. Cat Memorial Jewelry

Another way to forever remain in touch with your cat is to keep some of its ashes and pass it on to professional jewelers that can incorporate them into the final piece.

Heart In Diamond Pets Turn Your Pet's Hair or Ashes into a Diamond 10

Thankfully, there are plenty of cat memorial jewelry options to choose from to suit your preferences and budget. You can put a small amount of ashes into a charm for a necklace or bracelet that you can wear at all times or simply when you want to reconnect to your cat’s energy.

Another way to incorporate your cat’s ashes into a memorial jewelry piece is to opt for a diamond cat memorial that’s sure to make for a great gift, either for yourself or someone else. Wearing jewelry that’s laced with your cat’s ashes is a very intimate, comforting and very practical way to acknowledge their undoubtful importance in your life. 

Many of our readers who have commented on the Facebook post vouched for the efficiency this type of cat memorial can have on comforting you each single day.

Cat memorial jewelry is a great gift even for the women who don’t typically tend to wear jewelry – the options are so varied and can be so discreet that anyone can fall in love with such a delicate present. Purchase a Diamond Cat Memorial.

4. Cat Memorial Statues

If you’re more visual and would do better with a physical rendition of your cat, know there’s another great cat memorial idea you can opt for – cat memorial statues.

Such a cat memorial statue can closely imitate the figure and face of your cat and will look just like your friend in the end. Some companies will even add angel wings and a restful smile on the statue’s face, so it can bring even more peace to your soul every time you see it.

This is a great gift for yourself and for any of your friends who’ve lost their cats and also own a patch of land where they can easily let the statue rest.Such statues are made from hardy materials, which means they can be very well left out in the garden, over night, in the sun or in the rain.

The additional resin coating ensures the statues will withstand any type of weather. This type of cat memorial is the kind that will bring a feeling of warmth and peace every time you walk by it and will feel like getting second encounters with your furry friend.

By getting a cat memorial statue you actually get the opportunity to not only immortalize your cat’s silhouette, but also its energy through the posture you choose. Regardless if it was sleeping, playing or on the prowl that energy will be forever etched in stone. Order a Cat Memorial Statue.

5. Custom Embossed Metal Wind Chime

One of our readers got a personalized embossed metal wind chime as a gift to remind her of her cat. 

This type of cat memorial gift can be an excellent idea especially if you bury your furry friend. This way you can hang it just above the grave and every time the wind blows, you’ll get a delicate and beautiful reminder of how your cat changed your life for the better

.Also, every time you’ll pass by the grave to have a talk to your beloved companion, you’ll also see its embossed image on the windchime. All you need to do is pick the photo that most speaks to you and you’re set.It’s a delicate and musical gift that can soothe anyone who’s going through a grieving process. Order Embossed Windchimes.

6. Cat River Stones

If you’re looking for a more simplistic way to soothe the grieving process, you can simply opt for custom cat river stones. These also make considerate and elegant gifts for friends who you wouldn’t want to get flashier gifts to.

The stones can be personalized to your liking. You can opt to have your cat’s name written down, its birthday or anything else you feel may be representative of your life together. Everything will be engraved on the river stones with utmost precision and focus on quality.

Before the stone is engraved though, you’ll get the final design and you’ll have the opportunity to approve it or ask for modifications.

The custom river stones blend anywhere in the home, on a shelf, on the desk or you can simply place them outside, in the garden, next to usual rocks. This way, every walk outside or indoor task will also remind you of your trusted companion.  Buy a Custom Cat River Stone.

7. Memorial Cat Glass Prints

There are many glasswork cat memorial ideas you can choose from in order to preserve the loving memory of your cat’s spirit. Such memorial cat glass prints can take many shapes and sizes, from paw prints to snowfall orbs.

The glass they’re made from is very solid which also makes these memorials ideal as paperweights. They can be placed anywhere in the home and they are pretty discreet, with a touch of uniqueness. The best part about them is that many offer the option to incorporate inside some of your furry friend’s ashes.

The final design may make the ashes visible or not, it’s all up to how you’d prefer it to be. The glass itself and the colors you choose for the final design all make an elegant combination together, which in turn makes this memorial cat gift ideal for anyone who’s dealing with the lows and highs of the grieving process. 

Keeping the ashes of your friend may turn out to be more soothing in the end than initially anticipated. Just knowing you have a part of them with you may help make everything better and ease the painful loss. Purchase a Memorial Glass Cat Print.


There comes a time when you may feel the need to honor the life of your feline friend and simply keeping their memories locked inside doesn’t do. This is where the seven cat memorial ideas mentioned above come in handy. They are diverse and cover any possible preference or need you may have, while also allowing you to spend according to your own personal budget.

Browse through gift ideas starting from cat memorial jewelry and cat memorial tattoos and go all through cat river stones and embossed wind chimes. There are so many possible cat memorial gifts to choose from – it all depends on your personal taste and how exactly you’d like to honor your cat.

The best part about these memorial gift ideas is that they preserve the uniqueness of your friend, regardless if it’s by immortalizing their name or their faces, with respect towards each of its individual features.

Some people may choose a more discreet option, while others may want to go with the full-blown portrait of their beloved cat.

Either way you go, it’s important you choose the one cat memorial that feels right to you, which is to say that it best tends to your emotional needs.These are gifts that you can also give your friends who you know are grieving the loss of a dear furry friend. Receiving something that helps them keep that memory intact can offer invaluable support through personal difficult times.

Ultimately it’s small gestures like these that can turn things around for anyone going through a rough patch.

What cat memorials have you purchased for yourself or gifted to someone else? What did you find helped you attain a more peaceful heart during such troublesome times, such as the loss of your cat? Please share with us below, in the comments section, so other cat owners can discover new ways to mend a broken heart as well.

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  1. Linda Gerten says:

    I have used NellieDesigns.com for cat and dog memorials. High quality items, ranging from candles to leather key chains with your animal’s name on it or whatever you want. A special woman owns the shop and her attention to detail makes it all the more comforting when you’re grieving a pets’ loss. She lost her beloved dog and wanted to find something meaningful to her, thus the beginning of this shop!
    You won’t be disappointed,

  2. Bettie says:

    A donation to the local rescue in their cats name. A letter is sent to the grieving cat family
    Telling in memorial a donation has be made to help homeless, in need felines.

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    SUPER WONDERFUL & FABULOUS POST, Jenny honey! So much great info on how to memorialize our beloved furry babies. TYSVM! <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

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