7 Cat Keepsake Ideas To Help While Grieving the Loss of a Cat

Getting through life’s ups and downs is a most precious journey when we have alongside us a beloved pet. With their specific and endearing personalities, cats often make great friends with various people. But, just as there are endless types of people, cats also have personalities of their own, making them unique and easy to love.

However, all cats share similar traits that make them so famous worldwide. They are independent creatures and know how to spend time without becoming too dependent on your attention. They are also extremely curious and playful. Their purring often soothes and heals anyone who hears it, while a simple cuddle can melt your heart.

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Every cat out there is different in terms of personality. If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably already started learning the intricacies that make your cat unique. As time passes, these furry delights become our good friends, always there by our side and teaching us how to take life one moment at a time, just as it comes to us.

The years pass, our cats grow old with us, and they reach their journey’s end. Even though it’s inevitable, this doesn’t make it easier to part ways with such a beloved companion. If you’re going or have gone through this, you probably already know how complicated the grieving process can be. So it’s only natural then that we want something to remind us of our cats, regardless of how much time has passed since they passed.

Having something to touch or look at can significantly soothe the bittersweet feeling we get when missing our cat. Getting a keepsake may be perfect for yourself or a loved one.

Since emotions can get overwhelming when losing a cat, taking that first step toward finding the perfect keepsake can seem next to impossible. This is why we’ve prepared a list of seven cat keepsake ideas to help while grieving the loss of a cat. One of our readers reached out on Facebook asking for some ideas, and the Floppycats community immediately followed suit with recommendations based on their personal experience:

1. Cat Memorial Urns

One popular keepsake idea for your feline cat is opting for cat memorial urns. Cremating your cat may seem daunting at first, but it enables you to keep its ashes close to you at all times. You can choose from many types of urns, with a wide variety of designs made from various kinds of materials.

The urns can also have a nameplate on which you can have your feline friend’s name written and other features you can opt for to preserve their memory better. There are many features you can juggle, so you can make the urn as personalized as possible. You can choose the color, the material, the font of the writing, and the message itself. The concept is meant to allow you to stay as connected to your four-legged friend as you need to.

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The beauty of a cat memorial urn is that you can keep it by your side, on a mantlepiece, or on a shelf, and you can always see it there when you’re around the home. If this is not something you’ve done before, you’d be surprised how comforting it can be to feel that your cat is still there with you in physical presence, albeit differently than before.

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2. Custom 3D Crystal Rectangle from Photo

Custom Engraved Night Light and Custom Engraved 3D Block from Etched Memory IMG_3384

Another way to immortalize your cat and give yourself a chance to see its face daily is to get a custom 3D crystal rectangle from a cat photo. Any photo can be customized into the crystal, and you can also personalize the crystal block per your preferences.

After you’ve chosen the design that speaks to your heart, you can also insert a text that best reminds you of your cat. It can be their birthday, a quote, or anything else that will better support you in preserving your four-legged friend’s memory.

As a bonus, you can also opt for a LED base, which means that by simply turning the switch on, your cat’s image will shine even brighter when needed. The light will only work to emphasize the engraving’s fine lines and highlight your cat’s best features.

This way, the crystal rectangle will make for an innovative and touching gift at the same time, regardless if you choose the LED base option as well or not. Any corner of the home will get an extra zing from this type of cat keepsake.

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3. Cat Memorial Stones

Cat Memorial Stone Pet Loss Personalized Grave Marker Engraved River Rock
Cat Memorial Stone by MonkeysJewels on Etsy

There are also less invasive or extreme options when it comes to having keepsakes of your cat. For example, another beautiful cat memorial idea is to get stones with your cat’s name, birth year, and whatever else reminds you of it.

The stones can be worked to perfection by professional artists who ensure the result is just right and respect your wishes. You can place these stones anywhere in your home – on your desk, so you can look at them when you work, on a shelf, next to photos of your cat, or even in the entrance area. They’re usually relatively small and don’t take up a lot of space, so they can quickly integrate as a natural accessory in your home.

What’s best is that these stones will withstand any weather, so you can easily place them in your garden. Then, if you like spending time outside, you’ll be able to walk by cat keepsakes that will forever remind you of your four-legged companion.

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4. Cat Memorial Picture Frame

A classic among cat owners that always want to remember they are beautiful cats, the cat memorial picture frame will help you feel like your friend is still around. Even though we live in digital times, picture frames have never really gone out of style, and this is because we are ultimately visual and tactile creatures.

Pictures are tremendously powerful to us, and seeing your cat’s face in a beautiful frame will surely touch you every time you pass by it. You can choose from many different structures and opt for the picture dear to you. 

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Keep the cat memorial picture frame on the mantelpiece, in your study, or on your nightstand. Regardless of where you choose to place it, it will most likely take you back to all the good times you’ve spent together. It may get you happy, nostalgic, or sad – it doesn’t matter, though; all that matters is that you will get to see your cat’s face just as it always was – beautiful, kind, and loving.

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5. Cat Memorial Plaques

Similar to cat memorial stones are also cat memorial plaques, which are bigger and can be shaped according to your preference. 

The artist that does the plaques can also engrave your dear friend’s name, birthdate, and whatever message you feel would fulfill its purpose. In addition, the plaques are usually sturdy and hardy, ideal for outdoor keepsakes. Having said this, they are perfect if you have a garden. Even better, if you’ve created a small green corner for your pet, a cat memorial plaque can quickly bring everything together with a sense of solemn and loving dedication.

The plaques can come in different sizes, shapes, and materials- depending on the sellers you get them from. However, ultimately the best part about it is that you can get the exact laser engraving you want, which will never fade, regardless of the weather conditions. 

Since it has this more solemn feeling, the cat memorial plaque may also make the perfect gift for a grieving friend. This way, you’re supporting them in keeping their cat’s memory intact while not becoming too personal about this gesture.

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6. Custom Cat Engraved Night Light

Custom Engraved Night Light

What better way to get a cozy feeling that warms your heart when thinking about your cat than to get a custom cat-engraved night light? It has a slim profile and can be engraved with any photo of your liking. So all you need to do is send in your favorite photo of your beloved friend.

LED lights are designed to last a long time and are also energy-saving. Apart from this, this night light will cast a warm and delicate atmosphere in the room that will help you better reconnect with the memory of your cat.

The custom cat-engraved night light only measures 4 x 3 x 1/2 inches, making it convenient for any space in the home. In addition, having your cat’s face etched on this night light will allow you to always go to bed with your dear friend in mind, leaving way only for optimum rest and pleasant dreams.

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7. Personalized Pet Photo Blanket

CanvasDiscount Premium Photo Blanket with Cat Image

This keepsake will fit very well in the bedroom. However, suppose you’d like to see your cat’s face or entire silhouette personalized on a larger scale. In that case, you can do that daily by getting a personalized pet photo blanket.

The blanket is very cozy and soft, and the fact that it’s printed will not affect its texture. The print is also made in high resolution, which means the quality of the photo will be rendered to perfection, maintaining every single one of your cat’s features intact.

You have two different blanket choices from your personal preference: the premium plush blanket or the fleece blanket. All you need to do is pick the one that’s comfiest to you and the picture of your cat that soothe your soul. 

Once you have the blanket, you’ll be able to use it in the bedroom or living room. Regardless of its location in the home, an image that is this impression of your cat will surely remind you of the great times you had together. Of the many cat keepsake gifts, choose the one that pops the most daily.

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When the time has come to honor your feline friend’s life and what it represents in your own life, it only makes sense to get a personalized cat keepsake that’s in tune with your feelings.

These seven cat keepsake ideas described above are the best place to start when looking for ways to help support you or a loved one through the grieving process.

You may resonate better with something smaller and more discreet, such as the engraved night light or the custom 3D custom rectangle. Or you may opt for a more impactful keepsake of your cat, such as the personalized pet photo blanket.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to commemorate a cat’s life. The only way to go forward is by nourishing your soul and speaking to your heart. You’ll also immediately know which of the above seven keepsakes better suits your needs or if none do.

This goes the same when considering gifting these keepsakes to a grieving friend. Even though you may not pinpoint what they would like, it’s best to remember that any small loving gesture can make a world of difference for anyone grieving.

Do you have any experience so far with getting cat keepsakes either for yourself or a grieving friend? How did it support you during these troublesome times? Please share your experience with us in the comments section and support other grieving cat owners in finding peace and contentment with the departure of their four-legged friends.

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