58″ Two Level Medium Cat Tree by Mountain Cat Trees

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58" Two Level Medium by Mountain Cat TreesWhen it comes to buying a cat tree for your kitty, many people are not aware of the fact that felines don’t like just any kind of cat climbing trees.

There are things that they look for in cat climbing trees so that their needs can be met. One of the things that they look for is to see if the tree has the right height that they can climb. The 58" Two Level medium cat tree is suitable for most cats and they will notice that it is the right height for them to climb up and down from . There are 2 cat perches that they can use as a lounge to rest or sleep. 

You will see that included in the 58" Two Level Medium Cat Tree by Mountain Cat Trees is an inclined cat scratching post covered with sisal rope. Your pet will surely like their new cat tree as no matter whatever height they prefer, this cat tree can be the perfect one to suit their needs. 

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