360 Pet Fountain

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360 Pet FountainThis pet fountain is one of the best cat products ever. It has 5 flowing, continuous steams of water, which can be customized to change the size of the steam by replacing the spout rings. No matter from what angle your pet approaches it from, they can drink their aerated water.

The 360 Pet Fountain will make your pet cat want to drink more water, as what they drink is not stagnant and has been charcoal filtered. When water is constantly circulated, the growth of harmful bacteria is inhibited. It is easy to clean and runs off electricity. 

Water is vital to the health of your pet and by giving them this 360 Pet Fountain, you can provide them good quality drinking water.

If you have a two or more new Rag Doll kittens, there is more than enough room for them to share one 360 Pet Drinking Fountain, and it will save you a lot of time and energy having to refill their water bowl. You can place this anywhere in your home and after your cat eats, they are surely going to love their new source of water.

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