36″ Two Level Small Tree by Mountain Cat Trees

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Bring a touch of nature into your home with cozy cat furniture such as this 36" Two Level small tree by Mountain Cat Trees – you might not think of it as cozy – but a feline certainly will! It has an inclined cat scratching pole and two cat perches. Sisal scratching posts are great for your pet and can help you to prevent cats from scratching furniture and wooden floors. 

The 36" two level small trees are suitable for felines who are not high climbers. It gives a cat a choice of where to lounge and it can even be shared by a couple of cats – so if you have more than one cat this is great for a multiple cat household too. By giving a cat the special space that it needs and 36" Two Level Small by Mountain Cat Treeshelping it by making their unique cat furniture as comfortable as possible, you will be able to cater to the needs of your pet. 

Product Details:

Base: 20” by 20” by 4”
Two levels spaced at 16” and 32”
Lower platform: 12” by 12”
Upper platform: 13” by 18”
Overall height: 36”

Discover other quality cat products and how they can help supply the your pet’s needs. Taking care of a cat is more than just giving them food and water. When you take proper care of your pet, you will find that your pet will grow up well-behaved, happy and content. 

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