36″ Single Level Mountain Cat Trees

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36"  Single Level Mountain Cat TreesProduct Specifications:
Base: 20” by 20” by 4”

Platform height:32”
Platform: 13” by 18”

Overall Height: 36”

Individually handcrafted cat climbing trees that also serve the dual purpose of being a cat scratching tree by Mountain Cat Trees is a thing of natural beauty. Made from birch and pine wood, accented with sisal rope, your cat will find that the perch on top of their new tree is just right for them, especially if they are not high climbers.  

With a special no-tip design, the 36" Single Level Mountain Cat Trees is treated with a non-toxic finishing. The scratching pole is covered with sisal rope for you to provide your kitty with the all-natural post that they need. 

A simple and functional design, ideal for small homes and not-so-adventurous felines, it is one of the better options that a pet owner has. All breeds of cats will benefit from using something as natural as these climbing trees, whether your cat’s a Ragdoll cat, tabby cat, or any other variety. Give your kitty sisal scratching posts and their cozy cat climbing trees that will add a touch of warmth into any home. 

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