3 Games Every Treat-Loving Ragdoll Cat HAS to Have

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3 Great Cat Puzzle Toy Games

3 Games Every Treat-Loving Ragdoll Cat HAS to HaveWhat to do with a Ragdoll kitty who is a little treat-fiend? Get them to work for their snacks! There are so many great puzzles and games for cats to play available for your treat-loving cat. Not only are these games entertaining for cats, but this food-based reward system is a great way to motivate cats to exercise their bodies and brains. Playing with cats is important to their health at all ages – for Ragdoll kittens, it is in important part of their development, and it becomes a joy of home life for all cats as they age. Older cats will be more limited in what they can do, but it is still important to help them keep up mobility, flexibility and mental responsiveness through level-appropriate games. Not only are games essential for warding off physical cat health problems, but they are also good for the mental health of your kitty. Indoor cats in particular need this stimulation. An outdoor cat can climb, run and be endlessly entertained by backyard nature, but indoor cats run the risk of getting bored, especially if their owners work all day. Part of a pet owner’s responsibility is caring for the mental health of a pet as well as physical health, and challenging games that cats love can been an important tool in keeping an indoor cat stimulated and happy. Knowing what your cat likes and dislikes is important to finding what puzzles, toys or games are best suited to them. Some of the factors that might influence a cat’s interest in a particular toy or game include:
  • size & shape
  • material & texture
  • noise level
  • type of movement
  • location of the toy
  • presence of other cats
  • timing
  • your level of interaction with them
You can experiment with different toys and routines to find out what is most appealing to your cat, but fortunately one thing that is almost universally appealing to cats is treats, and there are so many toys out there that are designed to reward kitties with dry cat food or treats. Here are a few of our favorite of these toys for treat-loving kitties:

#1 Cat Amazing – Best Cat Toy Ever! Interactive Puzzle Box Game for Cats

Cat Amazing - Best Cat Toy Ever! Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Game for Cats The Cat Amazing challenges cats to sniff and search out hidden treats or small toys. It has three different difficulty levels, so it is a great way to continuously challenge your cat as they improve their skills, not to mention that it is a great opportunity for you to marvel at their intelligence and learning abilities! The Cat Amazing sells on Chewy. This is truly a great one – we have reviewed it – and you can see our video below.

#2 Dog Spinny – Nina Ottosson Interactive Pet Toy Dog Spinny The Dog Spinny is a dog toy, but it is equally fun and challenging for cats. In order to get to the hidden treat, your cat has to dislodge a bone and spin the toy to access eight compartments around the edge. You can increase the difficulty level by hiding treats in fewer compartments, so they really have to hunt for their reward! The Dog Spinny sells on Amazon. This was our very first cat puzzle toy that we reviewed – it was an immediate hit – see our video below.

#3 Dog Brick – Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Dog Toy The Dog Brick is probably my favorite of them all. This toy is another dog one that is also suitable for cats of all sizes and ages. The difficulty level is a little higher, starting at 2/3, and can be adjusted to make it even more difficult as your cat learns – so you really have to have a food-motivated cat! A lot of pet owners also use this toy as an interactive training opportunity, teaching pets to wait or start looking for the treats on command. The Dog Brick sells on Chewy. Here’s our video:

If you’ve got a Ragdoll cat who loves treats, these three toys are great options for keeping them physically and mentally active – a crucial part of keeping a beloved member of the family healthy and happy! Additionally, I have found that putting Whole Life Pet treats in these puzzles works great since they are freeze dried, so they don’t leave a mess. Whole Life Pet Products What are your treat-loving cat’s favorite games and which treats do you like to use?

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3 thoughts on “3 Games Every Treat-Loving Ragdoll Cat HAS to Have

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Great post, Jenny! Thanks for this amazing information! We don’t have any puzzle toys for Miss Pink Sugarbelle. We don’t give her a lot of treats except when trimming her nails. The treats we use are the Red Barn Grain-Free Turkey treats (shaped like little turkey legs) and she lurves them! We’ve tried the Whole Life treats and she just isn’t interested in them for some weird reason. I’ve tried them dry and wet for her and no interest.

    I think she would lurve any of those three puzzle games and I’m going to put them on my Wish List. I think I’ll try the Cat Amazing first to see how she responds.

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    All of these are great and thanks so much for the wonderful reviews of them Jenny, Charlie and Chiggy! Since we have acquired two ferals who come to be fed on the porch every night, have had a challenge to find Miss Mari something to do so she doesn’t go to the door and scare them off with her growling as she loves to do. So, we decided to make it a game for her and she has to go hunting for her treats when they are outside eating. It has worked really well and now instead of trying to guard her territory, she (and her little sisters) is running all over the house excited about finding her treats! Am going to get her the dog brick next to raise her level of intensity to really make her earn those Whole Life Chicken treats! Highly recommend those too.♥♥♥♥♥

  3. lrunning says:

    My cats love the Cat Amazing- especially when I use Whole Life Chicken Treats in it! I would add the Kong Cat Wobbler treat dispenser to this list. My orange tiger, Hunter, loves to push it around the house and whack it to get treats. Makes him work for the treats and figure out how to get it to dispense them. Poor Emily has never really figured it out and carries it around by the feather tail and drops it, hoping some treats will fall out!

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